4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is on June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Travel

There are so many places to go in the world, and so little time. Plus, many people have school, work, or other commitments that prevents them for travelling the globe. Thanks to these nominees, we can explore some of the world’s coolest, most interesting places from our couches and learn where to travel when we finally get the chance.


Damon and Jo
Damon and Jo are two best friends in their mid-twenties, with incredibly unique qualities. Damon is the spunky vegetarian and college dropout who grew up in a trailer park in Indiana, while Jo is the goofy Brazilian with a business degree on the side. Together they make Damon and Jo, making their audiences laugh throughout all of their trials an...
Exploring with Josh
When he’s not breakdancing, Josh can be found exploring the world. What sets Josh apart from other traveling YouTubers is his love of forgotten and abandoned buildings, showing their mysteries to 2.7M+ subscribers and 130K+ Instagram followers. 2017 took Josh and his crew of intrepid explorers to some spooky places, exploring what was left behin...
Fly with Stella
It’s not easy to wake up in a different city every day, but Stella makes flight attendant life fun, with a bubbly personality that could make even a long delay fly by. Stella gives her 75K+ YouTube fans a behind-the-scenes look into “The REAL life of a flight attendant,” with all its ups and downs. 2017 was a big year for Stella: in addition to ...
Juan-Peter Schulze
A “pilot, photographer, filmmaker,” and travel vlogger, Juan-Peter Schulze has a passion for adventure that has helped him build a dedicated following of 30K+ subscribers to his YouTube channel the_candourist, as well as nearly 70K+ Instagram followers. Born in Namibia and based in New Zealand, JP’s travel photos capture the beauty of the world,...
She is Not Lost
There are so many intrepid, globetrotting women out there, and more than a few of them documenting their adventures on Instagram. But it’s almost as big of an adventure trying to find and follow all of them. Luckily, fellow wanderlust junky Carina Otero does that hard work with She is Not Lost, an Instagram feed showing many of their incredible ...


Adventurous Kate
Adventurous Kate, turned her desire to explore Southeast Asia for six months into a career traveling the world for a living, becoming the “perfect level of internet famous.” Her desire is to empower women to feel comfortable traveling alone, something she focuses on in her adventurouskate.com blog, giving tips to make solo travel “safe, easy, and a lot of...
Bon Traveler
Travel writer Jessica Wright believes that “a life well lived will be a photo album of transformative stories.” To that end, the founder of the blog Bon Traveler shares her wanderlust with 65K+ Instagram followers. She brings followers along on her journey to experience “authentic encounters,” which led her in 2017 to sail through the Balkan Islands, book...
Céline Bossart
Céline Bossart is a “NY-based spirits + travel journalist” who gives her 16K+ Instagram followers a look at the luxe life, taking #staycations in NY and around the world. Céline teamed up with lifestyle publication Taste the Style to create a travel series called The Staycationers, which brings together brands and luxury travel in a feast for the eyes and...
The Place I Was Telling You About
R'el Dade and Marcus Lloyd are “two Texans living in New York City” who use their blog and Instagram feed to document adventures both at home and abroad. The pair got passionate about photography a few years ago, founding The Place I Was Telling You About to share their discoveries, wherever they may find themselves. Their love for impeccable decor is onl...
The Points Guy
Brian Kelly has traveled around the world, going places most people can only dream of, and always doing it in style. But his goal is to let you know that his lifestyle is entirely within reach—if you just know how to work the system. After years of constant flying for his finance job, he found that if you can cleverly navigate a credit card’s point system...
Travel Babbo
Many people give up their jobs to travel the world, sometimes with their partner or spouse. But Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo takes it one step further, exploring the far reaches of the globe with his three kids in tow. Now aged 7, 10, and 11, he even allows each of them to choose one destination every year to go with him one-on-one. Eric visited 22 countrie...

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