13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Instagrammer of the Year

Just when you thought you saw it all, someone creates a new way to use Instagram. These 12 Instagrammers went above and beyond, using the platform in extraordinary ways. Whether the account is artistic, humourous, weird or educational, they are all incredible.

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Ever since 2011, the women at the helm of the Betches blog, social media feeds, and podcast (among other offerings) have been making millennials on the internet lose their sh*t. One popular web store, two best-selling books, and 6M+ followers later, @betches is making Instagrammers laugh harder now more than ever. Betches is the place where “young…
Boop My Nose
You know when you see the perfect little nose, and you just can’t resist the urge to give it a good ol’ fashioned boop? Well @boopmynose now lets its 175K+ Instagram and 340K+ Facebook followers boop up to four noses a day! Shooting with a macro lens, pet owners submit photographs of their dog’s boopable noses (and cat noses on Caturday), always c…
But Like Maybe
Arianna Margulis makes, like, hand-drawn toons about life and stuff. Under the name @butlikemaybe, her hilarious, hand drawn comics have gained 155K+ Instagram followers and a feature article in the September 2017 issue of The New Yorker, which praised her “Jaundiced View of Modern Womanhood.” Arianna started posting her simple-yet-ingenious sketc…
Coco Pink Princess
7-year-old Coco is badass, and stylish AF! From Tokyo, Japan, @coco_pinkprincess’s phenomenal fashion sense has earned her a whopping 430K+ followers, most of them in 2017. The young fashionista became such a viral sensation that Vice did a must-watch segment on Coco, exploring how she creates her impeccable looks. After having to evacuate their h…
Pete Souza
Working as the Chief Official White House Photographer for both Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, Pete Souza has captured some incredible moments over the past 35 years. Thanks to Pete’s unbelievable Instagram account, 1.7M+ followers see intimate shots from his eight years of almost unfettered access to the Obama family and White House. Launching h…


Eva Chen
Eva Chen practically invented the Instagram story. Her 805K+ followers know that she has one of the best wardrobes on the platform and has coined the “Eva Chen pose” - a daily look into her accessory (and snack) game. As one of Anna Wintour’s acclaimed protégés, it’s no wonder Instagram hired her to help strengthen their relationships with the fashion world…
Howard Lee
Which of these Instagram accounts is not like the others? (Hint: it’s this one.) Artist Howard Lee plays with reality, posting his paintings and drawings of objects next to the actual objects and asking his audience to guess which one is real. His photorealistic art doesn’t make it easy, but Howard’s revealing videos show 175K+ followers the multiple hours …
Lil Mayo
Lil’ Mayo’s Instagram is out-of-this-world funny. With an astronomical 1.1M+ followers, @lilmayo undeniably lives up to his reputation as “THE MOST SAVAGE ALIEN ON THE GRAM.” Whether he’s riding in a new whip, rocking the freshest outfits, or cooking his Thanksgiving turkey with stacks of cash, Lil’ Mayo is definitely living the high life. The alien balled …
You’ve never been happier to see TSA than when one of their Instagram posts crawls across your screen. It’s truly astonishing to see the wildly inappropriate items people pack for flights, rather than bringing along some common sense. But it isn’t just the absurdity of the confiscated items that makes this account great—it’s the punny, sarcastic, and often …
The New Yorker Cartoons
It’s incredible how a simply-drawn cartoon with a short caption can speak volumes. Whether they’re satirical, relatable, observational, or just silly, the cartoons from The New Yorker have long served up insightful humor to the publication’s readers. Now the clever cartoons come to a whole new audience, with an Instagram account that grew by over 800K follo…
There are so many ways to describe Instagram sensation @mydaywithleo that it’s probably best to check it out yourself. The “satirical photographer” and “stop motion enthusiast” has 170K+ followers who love his creative photo collages and videos, which usually include a photograph of a celebrity covering a live person’s face. Joel Strong (the man holding the…

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