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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

What It Means When Someone Tweets About Everlane Customer Service

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At Everlane, we want to do everything better. We want to make better quality clothes, deliver a better brand experience, and especially provide better customer service. We take a lot of pride in our CX team and their ability to heighten someone's Everlane experience. Simply put, our objective is to serve our customers as best as we can, which we do in part by looking into what people say about our customer service over Twitter. We call these Tweets "CX Tweets" and they help us understand our customer service better.

Strategy and Execution

It always feels good to see positive things tweeted about your customer service. It's especially glorious on a personal level when you know that it was you who specifically spoke to that customer praising your brand's service on Twitter. After seeing these CX Tweets accumulate, we wanted to know why these customers were tweeting. What was it about their CX interaction with us that compelled them to tweet about us?

We look into every Tweet about our customer service and try to trace it back to its original interaction on one of our CX platforms. We keep a spreadsheet with each CX Tweet, its respective CX interaction, and metrics on different things such as initial response time, inquiry type, and who on our team handled the interaction. We send a monthly report to our CX team so they can see how many times their work has been tweeted about as well as if any of them in particular were tweeted about. To add a little friendly competitive flare, we have a leaderboard with the amount of times each CX Associate has been tweeted about.


After a full year of tracking CX Tweets in 2016, we gained some interesting insight about our customer service. We have three main channels of CX: email, chat, and social media. We noticed over 60% of customers who tweeted about our customer service did so after an email interaction with us and that over half of those customers that emailed us received a response in 20 minutes or less. This reassured our belief in prioritizing fast response times, seeing that customers are impressed by it.

The leaderboard shows us which members on our team cause the most people to tweet, which begs the question, what is it about certain people on our team that makes customer tweet afterward? What can the rest of our team learn from them? The leaderboard also motivates people to go above and beyond to deliver great customer service. Knowing that you were responsible for a CX Tweet is a rewarding feeling since you're able to see the impact you had on a customer.

Ultimately, we learn a lot from our CX Tweets. We see what's working for us and how we can make our customer service better. Having a CX Tweets leaderboard is a great way of connecting the internal elements of our team with the external facing moments of good customer service.


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