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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Van’s Foods | Where Wholesome Meets Awesome

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Wholesome food is only beneficial if people enjoy eating it. So Van's Foods set out to establish themselves as the better-for-you breakfast that doesn't sacrifice taste for healthy eating. After all, Van's is the ultimate combination of Wholesome Meets Awesome.

We set out to show the wellness-aware community that Van's Foods is the healthy option that makes breakfast and snack time fun and delicious for the entire family.

Strategy and Execution

Van's Foods mission is to make breakfast and snack time a Wholesome and Awesome experience for everyone. With an always-on social media strategy, we committed ourselves to delivering highly-relevant content to wellness-aware moms. By sharing the tools they need to create wholesome and delicious meals for her whole family that they can feel great about and enjoy.

In order to extend reach and engage with an entirely new audience, we shared the wholesome and awesome benefits of Van's products in unique and inspirational ways—and even encouraged fans to recreate our delicious creations at home. To accomplish this, we employed a three-pronged approach.

Create Compelling Content: In order to break through the clutter, we created content that was eye-catching and designed to inspire wellness-aware moms to learn about and try Van's many delicious products.Our "Fun With Food" content was an instant hit, bringing Van's products to life by adding healthy ingredients in a playful way. From a baaaa-nana sheep waffle to a roarin' lion waffle, these both wholesome and awesome creations let fans imaginations run wild.

Increase Reach via Fan Advocacy: We leveraged our Facebook community to build brand advocacy, by creating loyal fans that helped spread the social conversation beyond the reach of the brand. From highlighting simple featured breakfasts from fans to crafting highly sharable content, we tapped into our audience to help drive awareness of Van's Foods.

Reach the Wellness-Aware Audience: Within this pay-to-play environment, Van's Foods employed a robust advertising strategy designed to reach the wellness aware audience in order to get Van's content out in front of our target. With the release of Facebook's Brand Recall metric, Van's Foods evolved their advertising strategy and content mix to focus on awareness optimization, ensuring more and more users would remember the content that was shared by the brand.


Through the creation of unique and inspirational content, Van's created one of the largest and most engaged social followings within the natural & organic food industry. Driven by allergen-friendly and better-for-you consumers who have an intense passion for Van's, we've been able to share the wholesome-meets-awesome benefits of Van's products with the social world.


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