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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Untangling the Holiday Spirit

Finalist in Facebook Live


Our Holiday Scratch-Off campaign was all about feeling the Holiday spirit instantly. We wanted to create an engaging and funny livestream to get our users excited to empathize with a man untangling a tremendous ball of lights. We decided to take the worst parts of the holiday, and find some way to make them bearable…almost instantly.

Strategy and Execution

Everyone knows that prepping for the holidays can be a tedious set of chores - but with Holiday Scratch-Offs from the New York Lottery, you can feel the holiday spirit instantly. To show our fans how instant that feeling can be, we got some poor actor to untangle lights for 5 hours on Facebook Live, and gave them the chance to win scratch-offs throughout the video just by answering simple questions. By choosing Live we gave our fans and people who just stumbled onto the video something weird and funny to watch in the middle of the day at work, or at home. They could keep the show on in the background, ready to win whenever they noticed a question pop into frame. Some people stayed tuned because they wanted to watch a man untangle lights, and others just wanted to win. Either way, live video gave us free reign to respond in real time to our viewers, whether they had questions we needed to answer, suggestions for our actor, or if they wanted to know when the New York Lottery's Yolanda Vega would show up.


The responses for the Holiday Livestream were overwhelmingly positive, considering users were watching a guy untangle a ball of lights. Net sentiment on New York Lottery's Facebook page increased 16 percentage points from average. Over 5 hours, we had 77K video views and 42K video engagements. The New York Lottery awarded over 1,000 Scratch-Offs to 106 winners across 70 towns and cities - satisfying a major goal of the NY Lottery which is to engage the entire state, not just New York City. The biggest accomplishment? Our actor untangled a giant ball of over 10,000 lights – now that's how you get in the holiday spirit.


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McCann New York, New York Lottery


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