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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Powerpuff Yourself

Entered in User-Generated Content


To reintroduce the tenacious trio to a new generation of fans, Cartoon Network tasked Carrot to create an online destination for their series reboot of Powerpuff Girls. Considering fans had been dying to join the Powerpuff Girls' squad for 16 years, an avatar creator was an obvious choice. We already had deep rooted nostalgia on our side, so above all we needed to be sure everyone had a chance to represent themselves as individualistically as possible.

Strategy and Execution

Powerpuff Yourself launched globally with over 500 unique assets, resulting in over 178 quadrillion different custom combinations. Our number one priority in the selection of assets was inclusivity. We included not just a variety of skin tones, but hair styles and textures to represent a wide range of ethnicities. And no choices were segregated behind a gender selector; we let the avatars speak for themselves.


A successful UGC campaign must possess a careful balance of flexibility and constraint. The Powerpuff Yourself experience gave fans of PPG endless customizations, but didn't overwhelm them with more functionality than they could immediately understand. Giving fans a fast and easy way to create something entirely unique to them lead to fans creating over 12 Million avatars in just the first few weeks after launch.


Video for Powerpuff Yourself

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Carrot Creative, Cartoon Network


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