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Odd Mom Out - Robo Acclaim Trailer Customizer

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With a successful and critically acclaimed first season under its belt, Bravo looked to excite viewers for "Odd Mom Out's" second season by taking a "word of mouth" strategy to the next level.The network leveraged a first to market technology and the show's fan base by empowering them to express their love of the show across social media in an innovative way that would organically resonate with new viewers.The network enabled every fan of the series to be a certifiable "influencer" through their "robo-acclaim" execution, which allowed users to embed their acclaim into the Bravo season 2 trailer, making them appear to be critics. Once fans "saw their name in lights" they were highly motivated to share across social platforms generating a genuine endorsement.

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Bravo knew that it had engaged a loyal group of "Odd Mom Out" fans from its first season, and those tech-savvy consumers would be its best evangelists for bringing in new viewers. Looking to social media to spread the message about "Odd Mom Out," the network empowered fans to use their own words and become certifiable critics within their very own custom trailer – an industry first! Bravo's first of its kind interactive "Trailer Customizer"/Robo-Acclaim microsite allowed fans to pair clips from "Odd Mom Out" with their own personal endorsements (or use pre-filled words if they weren't so creative). This innovative experience, available on both desktop and mobile, included customizations like text color and the technology to marry all creative elements together including show clips, real critics quotes, fan customized endorsement and finally the ability to share completed trailer with friends via social media.

Bravo added another layer of fun by moderating the customizer, putting safeguards in place (filtering out curse words and expletives) to ensure that the more mischievous users kept their "critics' quotes" clean! Try adding any of the 5,600 bad words or alphanumeric iterations within your "praise" and the experience would kindly ask you to "use words that your mom would approve."

The experience was a perfect way to engage fans of "Odd Mom Out" and encourage them to spread the word, while providing new viewers a hilarious look at the show along with a personal endorsement from people they trust ahead of the show's June premiere.



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