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Marriott Rewards Presents: Demi Lovato and DNCE Live in 360

Entered in 360 Video


Marriott Rewards' vision was simple: Create raving brand fans through amazing experiences, innovative content and memorable creative. By leveraging Marriott Rewards' partnership with Universal Music Group and unprecedented access to artists Demi Lovato and DNCE, the campaign's objectives were two-fold:

1. Expand the reach and impact of a live activation from one to many, engaging millions of members around the world at home and on-the-go

2. Drive brand lift through innovative content and memorable creative, shifting perception and increasing awareness of the loyalty program amongst a Next Gen audience

Strategy and Execution

Marriott Rewards set out to create an immersive content strategy that would put members directly at the forefront of an unforgettable live moment. Going on stage, in the crowd and beyond the front row, each 360 video was designed to provide unparalleled access and control to viewers at home and on-the-go. A live event intended for thousands was instantly transformed to reach millions.

Shot in 4K Ultra HD, three (3) Nokia Ozo cameras were strategically placed around the stage and throughout the audience allowing for maximum exposure and unprecedented access to each artist's performance. Filmed live and with only one (1) take, there was no room for error. Scenes from each of the three cameras were then seamlessly stitched together, color corrected and optimized for sound. The addition of visual effects made for an even more immersive and visually stunning viewing experience.

DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean" feels like one big party, putting the viewer in the driver's seat to explore the band's electrifying performance. Demi Lovato slows it down with her performance of "Body Say," where viewers are treated to an intimate, one-on-one experience amplified by visual effects.


Marriott's first-ever 360 video experience transported Rewards members beyond the front row bringing deeply engaging, in-concert experiences to life.

Engagement metrics (i.e. watch time, views, comments) provided a basic barometer showing how the target audience responded to the videos, but the effectiveness of the campaign was also evaluated by how it affected brand metrics.

Marriott Rewards went beyond traditional metrics like impressions (24.3M+) and views (3.8M+) to measure the campaign's impact on perceptions and behaviors throughout the consumer journey:

Did people recall watching Marriott Rewards video? Yes!

Are target consumers more aware of Marriott Rewards after viewing the video? Yes!

Are people more interested in Marriott Rewards? Did the campaign increase organic search activity? Yes!

In addition to traditional metrics, the campaign achieved "best in class" brand lift results:

26.9% ad recall

31.4% lift in brand awareness

147.5% lift in brand interest search

The campaign also created raving brand fans who consumed more than nine (9) years of 360 video content in less than four (4) weeks!

"This is the coolest thing ever!"

"…one of the best things I've ever seen!"

"A must watch performance!"


Video for Marriott Rewards Presents: Demi Lovato and DNCE Live in 360

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Marriott International, Universal Music Group, The Human Expansion Co., Philymack Productions

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