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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Lionel the Hedgehog

Finalist in Animal

About Lionel the Hedgehog

A self-proclaimed “cactus with legs,” Lionel the Hedgehog is a spiny ball of personality captivating the internet. Promoted by BuzzFeed’s “21 Reasons You Should Follow Lionel the Hedgehog on Instagram,” the Charleston, SC ‘hog’s charm is on-point, posing as “spike” cream atop a sprinkle-topped sugar cone, as the seed of an avocado, or cuddled inside a coffee cup. Now joined with fellow hedgehog Lilo, the “First we're spiky, then we're sweet” duo are living high on the hog with over 90K @LionelTheHog Instagram followers, a growing Twitter following, and an online shop.

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