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Jordan Breakfast Club Training Chatbot

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In an effort to connect with elite athletes, Jordan Brand took a page from the history books, looking back to when the Chicago Bulls became one of the greatest teams to ever play basketball. The Bulls' success during Michael Jordan's time can be partly attributed to their dedication to training – Jordan and other members of the team improved their strength, speed and agility through an early morning program called the Breakfast Club. The objective of Jordan Brand's training chatbot is to be the platform elite athletes look to for training and performance advice.

Jordan Brand decided to bring the Breakfast Club ethos and training program to elite high school and college athletes through a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

Strategy and Execution

Facebook Messenger is the ideal strategic platform to launch the Jordan Breakfast Club training program because it already has an established audience of users and allows elite athletes to easily get started with training without installing an application. It also allows Jordan to get real-time analytics and make optimizations to the experience on an ongoing basis.

The Jordan Breakfast Club chatbot was created for elite athletes aiming to take their abilities to the next level. Inspired by Jordan's own workout schedule, it was important that these workouts be delivered to athletes at the time when they are available to train to augment performance in their sport.

Once morning comes and 6:23 am hits, each user gets a personalized message from the trainer of the Breakfast Club, Alex Molden, who asks you if you're ready to accept the daily challenge. The user then goes through a daily training program, each routine focused on one or more three core areas: strength, speed and reaction.

The daily training program includes video content that shows users how to complete each routine. This content is exclusive to the chatbot for the Jordan Breakfast Club, and was produced and optimized for mobile viewing within a Conversational UI.

Once there was an established audience for the Jordan Breakfast Club, it was important to connect with users on an ongoing basis for user insights to inform how to make the experience more seamless for the end user.


Throughout each workout, users are prompted to provide feedback on how the workout is going, and the brand connected with super users directly. A large majority of users have enjoyed the workout difficulty (more than 80%) and enjoyed the workout experience in Messenger (more than 70%). A very high percentage of users have completed all four weeks of the Jordan Breakfast Club training program (72%).


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