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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

HP Elite x2

Finalist in Business to Business

Entered in Technology


HP Business makes laptops, workstations, and other high tech devices for companies. This means our audience is IT decision makers—the folks who decide what sort of mousepads and monitors your office gets, when they aren't busy re-setting passwords and replacing coffee-soaked keyboards.

Traditionally this market gets the short shrift creatively, with ITDMs getting barraged with specs, speeds, and feeds. We wanted to give them something fresh and unexpected for the versatile HP Elite x2.

Strategy and Execution

We partnered with Instagram influencer Joel Strong, AKA "MyDayWithLeo." He's known for making quirky stop motion videos that combine real people with photos and graphics. Coolest of all, he does all of this in-camera, with very little finessing in post-production.

We felt that this low-tech approach would be an ideal way to connect our audience with the very high-tech Elite x2. The approach is unexpected, the visual style is irresistible, and most of all, it's profoundly human (something sorely lacking in most B2B marketing).

Also, the Elite x2 is a very versatile device. It's a laptop, that's also a tablet, that's also a display depending on how you need to use it. So Joel's style was perfect for capturing the personality and features of this nimble machine.

We produced 5 videos, each one based on one of our three pillars of security, design/performance, and collaboration, and each one telling a different story of the Elite x2 and the people it helps.


So far only two of the videos have been shared. But they already have over 17 million impressions, over 2.5 million views, and over 100K completions.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Edelman, HP


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