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Herr's Pub Style Pretzels: The Pub Style Pretzel Fit for a Pub

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The objective of this campaign was to create awareness and drive trial of Herr's new Pub Style Sourdough Pretzels in a unique creative manner. The goal was to ensure that when we said "Pub Approved" it was more than just a claim, but actually carried weight. When we developed our new Pub Style Sourdough Pretzels, we knew we'd have to do whatever it took to earn that "pub style" name. So we flew 5,000 miles from Nottingham, PA (home of Herr's), to Nottingham, UK – home of some of the world's oldest and most authentic pubs – to taste-test the pretzel with snack-savvy Brits.

The result? A jolly good thumbs up from our friends across the pond.

Then we drove 56 miles to Philadelphia to see what folks in the pretzel capital of America think about our newest thin sourdough. They already love us in Philly, but our Pub Style Pretzels got pub approval there, too.

In both locations, we met friends we won't soon forget – police officers, teachers, bartenders, truck drivers, retired coal miners. We shared our pretzels with all of them, and they shared their honest opinions with us.

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In order to create awareness, we started with a unique concept; flying Ed Herr (President & CEO of Herr Foods) from Nottingham, PA (home of Herr's) to Nottingham, UK to get the opinions of pub patrons and ascertain if the new pretzels were really "Pub Approved."

We then used the exclusive video footage captured from the interactions between the pub patrons of Nottingham, UK and Ed Herr to display the pub approval of our new Pub Style Sourdough Pretzels. In order to maximize this liquid content we showcased it across numerous channels including Herr's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and new Pub Pretzel Microsite. This integrated approach combined with our unique concept combined to bring unprecedented awareness to our newest product.


Microsite ( Video Content and Blog Entries detailing the journey.

Facebook: Organic and Promoted Posts, Videos, Like Ads, On-Page Sweeps, and Canvas Ads

Instagram: Promoted Posts and Videos



Digital: Pre-roll and Digital Banner Ads and Videos

Key Unique Features:

Flew the President & CEO (Ed Herr) 5,000 miles across the Atlantic to ensure we had the pub approval we claimed to have; not just talked the talk, but walked the walk.

Sampled the product with everyday pub patrons, interviewing them to receive honest, unscripted, and entertaining feedback and content.



7,863,758 – Cross-platform impressions

2,434,447 – Total CVV (completed video views)

45.25% – Average VCR (video completion rate)

36.75% – Total CTR (click-through rate)

0:51 – Average Time Spent per Engagement

Top Channel: Facebook

526,591 Facebook video ad views

307,204 Facebook posts video views

38.01% Facebook post engagement rate

0:12 Average time spent with canvas ads

Top Videos:

"Satisfying" – 82.7% VCR (View to Completion Rate)

"It's about time." – 82.5% VCR

"We're all fat" – 82.4% VCR


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quench , Herr's


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