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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Sleep Innovations "Found My Fit"

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About the brand: Innocor is the leading manufacturer of memory foam and its flagship brand, Sleep Innovations, has more than 20 years of experience creating quality memory foam sleep products. As the originator of the mattress-in-a-box concept, the seasoned brand was looking to generate millennial-centric content to not only raise the brand's profile and build a foundation for a long-term relationship with millennials, but also inspire their audience and encourage strong social engagement and sharing.

The goal: Raise awareness about the launch of Sleep Innovations' "Find Your Fit" feature—a questionnaire that collects information on consumers' sleeping habits in order to recommend the best mattress for their specific needs.

Our overall objective: Trigger an emotional connection with millennials and use this to build an authentic, lasting relationship with the brand.

Strategy and Execution

Our creative strategy

Make it shareable among millennials: To get the brand on the radar of millennials though a creative, shareable piece of content that would resonate emotionally and authentically with this discerning audience while not being overly promotional.

Build brand awareness: We invested in creating content that does not talk specifically about the brand or feature any of its products. It was a risk because of the lack of awareness of Sleep Innovations among millennials. To combat this, we leveraged an amplification strategy to spread our brand messages using a relevant media partner as well as the brand social channels.

Break the mold: Bedding brands often focus on the obvious in their content - "sleep." Instead, we focused on the unique attribute that sets Sleep Innovations apart from competitors: the "Find Your Fit" feature - everyone has a unique way they sleep, just like everyone has a unique life/career path. That's what these videos celebrate.

Create love for the brand: Through meaningful storytelling, we wanted to build brand recognition, engagement, and long-term brand affinity with our target audience.


Talent Recruitment

• We conducted additional in-depth research to find millennials with emotional and relatable stories who could star in our videos, sharing how their dramatic career change allowed them to find happiness,. Those chosen were:

•Kuro Tawil: Globetrotter to For-Profit Activist

•Sara DiVello: Six-figure PR Pro to Zen Yoga Instructor

•Skyler Bouchard: Media Junkie to Famous Foodie Personality

•Tiffany Reid: Mundane Market Researcher to New York Fashion Editor

Media Partner Amplification

•We researched and identified a media partner to help amplify the content to help drive views, provide in-depth context about the series and engage with their readers via their Community Challenge contest - which served as a forum for readers to share how they have "found their fit."

•We partnered with Mashable, whose readers are 44% millennials, to deliver this content to an audience that would relate the series.

•Mashable delivered a strong reach with metrics including: 45 million UVMs, 28 million social followers, and 2 billion monthly social impressions.

Brand Channel Amplification

•Social media allowed Sleep Innovations to control the content being released and tease the video series prior to the launch with Mashable. This helped to build buzz, and drive excitement and engagement from followers.

•Sleep Innovations has built a loyal following on all of their social channels and by amplifying the Found My Fit video series on all of these platforms, we drove continual traffic to the brand's website to learn more.

•The brand also leveraged their blog, by writing a post to provide readers with more details on campaign.


In total, the campaign delivered more than 11MM impressions via, showing strong results that surpassed the projected and guaranteed impressions by more than 5MM.

• Sleep Innovations successfully raised brand awareness and the Found My Fit Video series, positioning SI as a brand that is sharing stories that inspire more people to follow their dreams to succeed in life.

•The Mashable articles that featured the Found My Fit videos garnered more than 21K shares. The large amount of shares shows that the content gave people a reason to share the branded article on their personal social media platforms.

The achieved impressions helped drive traffic to as well as the Sleep Innovations YouTube channel where people were able to learn more about the brand and specific products that Sleep Innovations offers.

Mashable Video View Results

Total media impressions delivered: 11,286,585

Total media impressions over goal: 183%

Total campaign engagement: 46,918

Total campaign shares: 21,574

Total campaign page views: 156,467

Sleep Innovations Social Media Platform Results

YouTube: 75,952 total views of the video series

Facebook, IG and Twitter: 152,244 total views of the video series


Video for Sleep Innovations "Found My Fit"

Entrant Company / Organization Name

3rd Coast PR, Sleep Innovations


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