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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Food Network Facebook Page

Finalist in Facebook Presence


Food is at the heart of our daily life, and who better to better to bring you your daily fix of food tips, exciting video content, and new recipes than the most trusted brand in food media. Food Network's Facebook page strives to give its nearly 14 million followers everything that they need on a consistent (and yummy) basis.

Engaging with our audience is at the heart of what we do, and the Food Network Facebook page is place where people can come to discuss their own trials, learn a new way to make their classic dishes, and share their successes with other commenters. By posting video and online content every 1-2 hours, Food Network provides a constant stream of information for fans to enjoy and learn from.

Strategy and Execution

As the most established food brand on television, Food Network's Facebook presence is a key extension to the beloved brand known by millions. As interest in videos has exploded in the last year, Food Network has been quick to react with simple yet high-quality recipe how-to videos and live cooking demonstrations. Additionally, Food Network has launched a ground-breaking initiative with their Facebook Messenger Bot to keep fans even more involved and engaged.

Facebook Live: Food Network has produced over 350 Facebook Lives, giving our audience unprecedented access to Food Network chefs, Food Network Kitchen, restaurants, bakeries, food festivals, food factories, etc. Life moves a little fast sometimes, but now that you have Food Network's live cooking demonstrations, you can see exactly how our culinary teams cook up their yummy bites in real-time. With the live comment feature, viewers can give their feedback and have our chefs answer them as they cook. It's like you're in the kitchen with them!

Create Recipe Videos: Are you one of the 242 million viewers who fell in love with a Pizza Pot pie? Ever wanted to make a pie that looks like the Death Star? How about a pizza made from Legos? Okay, so that one isn't a "real" recipe, but you get the idea. Whether they're drool-worth recipes like stuffed bell peppers, recipes from our superstar chefs like Ina Garten, or the full process on how Nutella gets made, Food Network's videos hit every area of interest and curiosity that our followers could want.

Food Network Bot: It's like chatting with a friend…who's a great cook and knows all your favorite recipes. Just start typing questions like "what are some tasty cake recipes?" or share what you're craving, and the Facebook Messenger Bot will respond instantly with amazing suggestions from our website.


More video + more engagement = More happy fans! The Food Network Facebook page is nearly up to 14 million likes, with often tens of millions of social video views per day. Food Network continues to grow and engage with our Facebook audience in bigger and more meaningful ways, and we'll be serving seconds on all this goodness through 2017.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Scripps Lifestyle Studios