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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Facebook Live - Clip of the Day

Entered in Facebook Live


Tough Mudder's Clips of the Day strategy was developed in 2016 as an initiative to produce daily clips across Tough Mudder's 5M+ Facebook fans. Knowing that Tough Mudder boasts an impressive millennial demographic, coupled with the approach that more and more consumers are interacting with brands and consuming content via video, Tough Mudder developed daily clips that can be viewed and shared.

The goal was to offer "snack-able" content that will engage fans by highlighting snippets of Tough Mudder's events, unique obstacles, inspirational content and more. Clips of the day attracts potential customers or those less familiar with the brand, by serving up quick, compelling content that educates about the Tough Mudder brand, values and event series.

The Clips of the Day content varies from epic obstacle content, inspirational teams and individual participants, irreverent and funny content like obstacle fails, short training tips/workout moves, and more. The diverse menu of content for this allows us to show the various offerings and different values packed within Tough Mudder, while highlighting the brand's tone.

Strategy and Execution

Not only one of the most celebrated Tough Mudder ambassadors, Noah Galloway is a retired Army veteran who was injured during the Iraqi war. By training and eventually taking on more than 13 Tough Mudder events to date, Noah is an example of the Tough Mudder brand and what it stands for.

The strategy of this video was to shoot a 30-second Clip of the Day that would resonate with Facebook viewers on an emotional level. Tough Mudder Clips of the Day videos are posted to Facebook because this is a platform that's easy to consume, share and engage with video content mobile or other devices. Noah is seen taking on a classic Tough Mudder obstacle, Everest 2.0, which many people don't conquer on the first time or that new customers might be weary of trying.

The strategy to highlight Noah in this clip was to underscore that anyone can do a Tough Mudder, that you'll be helped and surrounded by a supportive community, that no matter what obstacles you face Tough Mudder and its participants have got your back, and that the event is a fun and incredibly rewarding experience.

The 30-second Clip of the Day was shared on the global and regional Tough Mudder Facebook pages, with the strategy that it would resonate with a global audience of Mudders, and even those who are not familiar with the brand. You first see Noah fail the obstacle for the first time and then conquer it the second time. Implementing content such as this, which gives viewers a chance to see the clip from beginning to end, allowed Tough Mudder to highlight the entire triumph and experience of what it feels like to overcome this obstacle. It allows viewers to resonate with the content while seeing an example of the Tough Mudder experience. The caption, "For those who think you can't, you will" serves as a reminder and call-to-action that you can overcome obstacles, you've got to try.

Another strategy for this Clip of the Day was to shoot the content from an aerial view in order to capture Noah's journey up Everest 2.0, show the height of the obstacle and why it's difficult, and to put emphasis on the Mudders helping Noah over the top.


Noah Galloway's Tough Mudder Everest 2.0 Clip of the Day had a reach of 7,527,250 and drew over 3,814,531 views on Tough Mudder's Facebook page. Viewers consumed more than 1,092,777 total minutes and garnered over 2,600 comments. It was shared 28,833 times and was liked by nearly 100,000 users.

Full stats:

o Reach: 7,527,250

o Total Video Views: 2,776,032

o 10 Sec. Views: 1,868,345

o Mins. Viewed: 1,092,777

o Comments: 2.6k

o Shares: 28,833

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Tough Mudder, Inc.


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