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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Dr. Andrew Weil

Nominated in Health & Wellness

About Dr. Andrew Weil

Truly the godfather of the modern health and wellbeing movement, Dr. Andrew Weil is a world-renowned guru of integrative medicine, nutrition, and healthy living. The author of countless cookbooks and self-help manuals,Dr. Weil is spreading his gospel of good living on social media, building a Twitter following of over 650K fans who check in for tips, insights, and news about optimizing one’s lifestyle in an increasingly busy world. Always positive about the body’s potential, he practices what he preaches, often posting scenes from family trips and daily exercises, showing that simply staying active and engaged with the world around you, even at 74 years old, can keep the mind and body young.

Dr. Andrew Weil's best work on social

https://twitter.com/DrWeil/status/735151086806306816/photo/1 https://twitter.com/DrWeil/status/733448734147645440/photo/1 https://twitter.com/DrWeil/status/736568598248857600/photo/1 https://twitter.com/DrWeil/status/730106196661657600 https://twitter.com/DrWeil/status/740702780885606401