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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Dear Parenthood

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This video is part of our integrated marketing campaign, "Dear Excuses." This campaign includes executions over multiple SNHU marketing channels with a mobile-first mentality. The key message is focused on empowering people to move past the barriers that have prevented them from going back to school, and demonstrates how an online education from SNHU helps people see themselves succeed.

"Dear Parenthood" is one of several bumper videos executed in this campaign. These bumper videos serve as a teaser to get audiences excited about the brand and interested in learning more. Our objectives were: 1. Target adult learners ages 24-50 and millennials, 2. Communicate our message without audio, that message being: SNHU provides online education that fits your crazy, hectic life. Our ultimate goals were inquiries and requests for more information about degree programs on

Strategy and Execution

As "mobile-first" was our overall campaign strategy, our strategy for this bumper video was about visuals. The scene depicts a messy kitchen counter with toys, snacks, envelopes, and a computer. We see a child's hands grabbing objects and a mother's hands trying to clean up after him. We also see a closed laptop, covered by the chaos. This scene is certainly relatable to the majority of our current and potential student population: hard-working parents who are constantly trying to play catch-up at home while also hoping to achieve their own goals. The text on screen is from the perspective of the parent, reading, "Dear Kids." The next scene we see is the mother's hands swiftly cleaning the countertop with the text on screen reading, "Time to get down to business." We then see a clean countertop with a happy child's hand reaching for a cup, and a mother typing on her computer, searching for her program at

This video is eight seconds long (six seconds on Youtube). This is a short amount of time to tell a story. But through the incorporation of large text on screen and relatable visuals, we were able to create a sentiment that people can connect with and intrigue them to learn more.

This strategy is all about encouragement and believing in our audience- a sentiment that our brand is all too familiar with. We know that the students who choose to achieve their degree with SNHU are special. They are parents, they are full-time employees, they are people who have had their dreams deferred. But this video is our way of not only saying, "we get it," but "we believe that you are empowered." We believe that success is possible because we believe in the people who choose to pursue it. Our main message is: you don't have to put your education on hold to take care of your family, or vice versa; we know you can do both, and we can give you the tools you need in order to do it.


This Facebook ad achieved a .80% engagement rate and a 0.22% click-through rate. It reached 79,613 people and had 44,130 video views. We received many comments from current students expressing that the support they received from SNHU was the key to their success while being a parent, which helped achieve our objective of promoting one of our value props: SNHU has online education to fit your life. These comments were genuine and heartfelt, and one of the best ways to promote our brand's culture of dedicated support.


Video for Dear Parenthood

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Southern New Hampshire University's Millyard Creative


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