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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Could you forget everything you ever learnt?

Finalist in Video


Without education, where would you be today? Currently, 3.6 million refugee children have lost their homes and are out of school. We wanted to see what a world without education would look like. So, we convinced a group of ordinary people to let us hypnotise them, to find out how they would handle losing their reading, writing and counting skills. All reactions are genuine and unscripted.

Strategy and Execution

Under hypnosis, our participants were led to believe they couldn't read or write and everyday tasks, like telling time or reading an expiration date, became impossible. Luckily, their inability to read and write was temporary, but for millions of refugee children, it's a reality they live with daily and can become a lifetime of missed opportunities.

Our video created a powerful call to action - to stand with refugees, and ask world leaders to deliver a concrete plan to provide a quality education for all refugee children.


With 3.1 million views across platforms, this is our most-watched video of all time. In addition to performing well on social media, it had an impressive engagement rate and contributed to the nearly 190,000 signatures on our Education for Refugees petition.


Video for Could you forget everything you ever learnt?

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ONE Campaign, Don't Panic