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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Bob Ross

Winner in Twitch Streamer of the Year

About Bob Ross

His ardent fans craving more #happytrees even after his death in 1995, the iconic artist of The Joy Of Painting fame is “now haunting the Twitterverse.” With a cult-like following, including a “Bob Ross’ Ghost” @BobRoss Twitter fan account, Bob’s afterlife celebrity reached new heights when Twitch launched an all-episode #BobRossMarathon as a promotion for Twitch Creative, the streaming site’s space for artists to share their creative process, just like Bob. Given the marathon’s success (with 5.6M unique viewers), Twitch recently acquired the rights to live stream (and enable others to re-stream) Bob’s episodes, creating an interactive community that can paint along with him, add commentary, and broadcast their own joyful landscape creations.

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