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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Best Overall Facebook Presence - ATTN:

Entered in Facebook Presence


ATTN: is an issues-driven media company. Our mission is to deliver engaging content to a mobile-first audience. Every day we produce videos, articles, and commentary telling stories worth your attention. ATTN: believes in informing people to make a social impact. Through compelling, issue-driven content, we strive to engender greater participation in communities, the political process and the world around us. Our audience is hungry for substance delivered in an interesting way: videos, graphics, original animation and yes, good writing, too. ATTN: is starting conversations around issues that matter and meeting our audience where they live: on phone, screens and on social media.

ATTN: uses both Facebook video as well as Facebook Instant Articles to share video and written work with our over 3 million fans on Facebook. Our audience is highly engaged and interested in the important issues we cover -- everything from criminal justice reform to the environment to politics and the economy.

Strategy and Execution

Our Facebook strategy is two-fold: issue-driven in terms of substance and tailor-made for social consumption in terms of production. We know that people are spending more and more time on social platforms and on mobile devices. In order to get them to engage with substantive content that covers important issues, ATTN: seeks out to deliver it in an interesting and creative way. We use several different video formats to tell stories that get people talking and we make sure the videos are short and watchable with or without sound. We also utilize Facebook's Instant Articles function to keep people on the platform when they are reading our articles. We also utilize Facebook Live to give people breaking coverage of the things that matter to them.

ATTN: makes sure to produce a varied and broad amount of content to appeal to a wide audience. Our coverage includes parenting, social justice, criminal justice reform, the War on Drugs, the environment, politics, news, the economy, education, labor rights, money, health and wellness and foreign policy.


ATTN: has almost 4 million likes on Facebook and our "Talking About This" number (the Facebook metric that shows how many of your page's fans are actually engaging with your content) is almost 3.5 million. This proves that not only do we have a huge audience, but that our audience is highly engaged with our content: constantly liking, sharing and posting about it. We are very proud of the network we have built on Facebook and increasingly influencers, politicians, brands and celebrities are coming to us to get out their message on the issues we cover because of our Facebook success.


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