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Special Project

Special Project
From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Desafios - Chá Digitau

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About this entry

Itaú Bank, the largest privately-held financial institution in Latin America, has traditionally been recognized as a modern and technological bank. It was the bank that established the first ATM in Brazil in 1983. It was also the bank that created the digital agencies, a pioneering and innovative model of customer relations. However, in recent years, technology has become a recurring subject in brand speech, especially through the word "digital."

In 2015, the bank set out to strengthen its image of the modern and technological bank, conquered over decades, also in the digital world. This positioning has gained breadth and scale and has become the Digitau platform, a combination of the words Digital + Itaú and that has supported the Bank's brand building strategy in the digital world ever since.

The Digitau platform gained a lot of strength and relevance by communicating all the digital initiatives of the bank as a launch of apps and digital services. However, the strategy has had even more impact by putting as pitchwoman two ladies in their early 80s to teach people how easy, simple, and practical they are to access the bank by smartphone.

In 2016, Itaú launched another step in strengthening its image as a digital bank. The "Challenges" ("Desafios" in Portuguese) campaign was born - a series of content in which Grandmothers Lilia and Neuza challenged people to learn about the features of the bank's apps and were also challenged by famous youtubers to learn about subjects native to the digital universe.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

The strategy to strengthen the Itaú brand in the digital world began in 2015 with an unprecedented and disruptive campaign. The bank had appropriated a language that became popular among people: the famous emoji. Then came the Digitau platform, used to communicate all the digital initiatives of the bank: from apps to digital services. The platform gained even more force and relevance when the bank placed two ladies as pitchwoman, the grandmothers Lilia and Neuza.

The grandmothers had already reached over 50 million people and over 10 million views on YouTube in the first stage of the campaign with the new pitchwoman. There was an opportunity to give new chapters to this story.

The role of communication was divided into three pillars:

1) sensitizing - to show how simple it is to be digital, besides generating identification with clients that did not yet use the digital services of the bank;

2) instrumentalize - promote Itaú's apps as common elements and present in people's daily lives;

3) recognize - no one better to talk about the Itaú bank's apps and services than the users themselves represented by the grandmothers.

Thus, in 2016, with the objective of exploring the use of its digital services in an even more humane and personal way - which is why the bank believes it is the purpose of building technological solutions - and to show that being digital is for everyone, Itaú inaugurated the "Challenges" campaign, a series of contents where the two grandmothers were invited to become "vovloggers" (a combination of the words "vó" ("grandmother" in English) + vloggers - users who produce content in video format for the internet).

Besides the grandmothers challenging people to learn about the features of the Itaú bank's apps, the insight was to invite some of Brazil's most famous youtubers to a "Chá Digitau" (Something like "tea party" in English). Among the youtubers were Pathy do Reis, Tavião, Christian Figueiredo, Kefera and Felipe Castanhari. They would teach the two grandmothers about native subjects of the digital universe, and then the grandmothers would teach youtubers how easy, simple, and practical it is to access the bank by cell phone.

The contents were activated before they were published. The day before the recording, youtubers invited to "Chá Digitau" encouraged their fans at Snapchat to follow Itaú on social networks to ask the new questions. During the recording of the video, youtubers kept asking fans questions and also took selfies with the grandmas to showcase the footage, which could be tracked on the Snapchat brand profile.

So the videos were activated in Itaú profiles on Facebook and YouTube, and the open TV, Pay TV, magazine and newspaper channels invited people to get to know and experience the bank's digital universe. Other initiatives strengthened and amplified the message of action as native advertising, out-of-home, radio, merchandising in the program "Caldeirão do Huck" and in the soap opera Velho Chico, main soap opera of TV Globo, where grandmas became actresses and taught people how to become More digital.


Campaign period: July 8 to September 6, 2016

The "Challenges" campaign generated:

• over 547 million impressions and more than 3 million clicks *

• over 41 million views for at least 30 seconds **

• over 33 million people engaged ***

During the campaign period, Itaú was the brand most remembered and more related to digital by the criteria of YouTube TrueView and Google Preferred.

Although not the main objective of the campaign, the action generated through Facebook more than 59,000 downloads of apps of the bank in the period.

*Facebook, YouTube, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Twitter, Instagram, AOL, Yahoo, Newspaper Folha de São Paulo, News Portal, News Portal Catraca Livre, Portal Tecmundo, Globosat Channel

**Facebook, YouTube, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo, News Portal, Globosat Channel

*** public that, in addition to viewing the video, also commented, enjoyed and / or shared the content (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)


Video for Desafios - Chá Digitau

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Itaú Unibanco