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Special Project

Special Project

Honoring Black Music Month with Andra Day & Dyana Williams

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Our campaign theme shows how Amazon Music and Rotation honor Black artists’ expression of freedom through music, shaping and defining genres across generations of fans. “Forever the Influence” encapsulates this impact by (1) recognizing Black artists’ legacy and their cultural impact over decades (2) empowering artists to authentically express themselves and amplify their voices and stories (3) acknowledging Black music's timeless appeal, honoring past, present, and future contributions and reinforcing the power of music to unite diverse backgrounds, foster community understanding, and ignite their unique fandoms.


To bring our project to life, we crafted a plan centered around collaboration, historical significance, and impactful storytelling. We knew that to create something truly special, we needed to bring together influential voices who could authentically convey the essence of Black Music Month.

Our first step was reaching out to the legendary Dyana Williams, the co-founder and champion of Black Music Month. Her extensive knowledge and passion for preserving and promoting Black music made her an invaluable partner. Alongside her, we enlisted the powerhouse Andra Day, a superstar and activist whose voice and advocacy align perfectly with our mission. The combination of Williams' historical insight and Day's contemporary influence promised a dynamic and compelling narrative.

Execution of our plan required a careful balance of research, outreach, and production. We began by conducting in-depth research on the history and significance of Black Music Month, ensuring we could highlight its origins and evolution accurately. This groundwork was essential to framing our conversations with Dyana Williams and Andra Day.

Next, we focused on logistics and coordination. Securing schedules for two high-profile individuals was a challenge, but through persistent communication and flexibility, we managed to align their availability. We also ensured that the production team was equipped to handle the technical demands of capturing high-quality audio and video, as well as creating a comfortable and inspiring environment for our guests.

One of the key features of our project was the intimate, candid conversation between Williams and Day. We structured the dialogue to cover the historical context of Black Music Month, personal anecdotes, and reflections on the current state of black music and culture. The authenticity and chemistry between them brought an organic flow to the discussion, making it both educational and emotionally resonant.

Throughout the project, we faced several challenges, including tight deadlines and the pressure to honor the significance of Black Music Month appropriately. One of the biggest hurdles was ensuring that the narrative remained true to the voices and experiences of the black community. To overcome this, we maintained constant communication with Williams and Day, seeking their feedback and making adjustments based on their insights.

Another challenge was raising awareness and generating interest for a topic that, while incredibly important, is not widely discussed on large platforms. We addressed this by leveraging social media to highlight the unique aspects of our project. The response was overwhelmingly positive, validating our efforts and underscoring the necessity of amplifying such conversations.

What sets our project apart is its commitment to authenticity and its focus on a historically rich yet underrepresented topic. By bringing together two influential figures from different generations, we created a bridge between the past and the present, offering viewers a comprehensive and engaging look at Black Music Month. Our work not only celebrates black excellence but also educates and inspires future generations to continue this important cultural legacy.


Our project successfully met our team’s objectives by effectively educating our audience about Black Music Month and shedding light on critical issues such as Black erasure in the music industry and the importance of honoring history.

The impact of our efforts is evident in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received. Viewers expressed gratitude for the enlightening content, praising the depth and authenticity of the discussion between Dyana Williams and Andra Day. Their powerful insights resonated deeply, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Black Music Month.

Internal stakeholders also lauded the project, recognizing its value in raising awareness and promoting meaningful conversations about black music and culture. The feedback from Dyana Williams and Andra Day further validated our success, as they appreciated the platform to share their perspectives and contribute to this significant dialogue.

The positive reception and engagement we garnered underscore the success of our efforts. We not only achieved our goal of educating and raising awareness but also created a compelling and impactful narrative that honored the legacy of Black Music Month. This project stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in fostering understanding and celebrating black excellence, marking a significant achievement for our team.


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