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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Yung Jake

Nominated in Instagrammer of the Year

About Yung Jake

CalArts grad Jake Patterson broke into the internet meme game with a music video for his hip-hop track Datamosh (datamoshing being an intentionally corrupted gif, leading to “glitch art"). The colorful video edited together everything from Jake’s home videos to Justin Bieber’s concerts. He followed up with performances at SXSW, Sundance, and MOCA, but his social media fans look forward to his series of celebrity portraits—released via his Instagram—comprised entirely of emojis and eerily accurate. He’s been known to premiere new video clips via Instagram, including his 2015 video for “Both," which inventively utilized iPhones and social media in its production.

Yung Jake's best work on social

https://instagram.com/p/yXkLMRsLOr/ https://instagram.com/p/yiJzEusLLt/ https://instagram.com/p/yIhRG2sLGi/ https://instagram.com/p/x4ZUBoMLPU/ https://instagram.com/p/y2olfzMLFY/