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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Mohegan Sun: Full of Life on Facebook

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With a 10,000-seat Arena, plush hotel, jaw-dropping architectural features and one of the largest gaming floors in the world, Mohegan Sun is Full of Life -- it's a 24/7 bustling hub of guests and activity, and as such, the building itself embodies a life of its own.

Our goal is to make our Facebook page a portal to all that Full of Life entails: the millions of life's moments experienced here daily, the visually stunning property itself and the larger than life personalities who visit us regularly.

As an online extension of the expansive property featuring over 85 shops, restaurants and bars, three concert venues, spa, hotel, golf course and casino, Mohegan Sun seeks to drive passionate loyalty and extended brand awareness in a space where users' most treasured life moments and milestones are curated.

Strategy and Execution

How does a brand survive (and thrive!) in a sea full of laughing babies, cat videos, birthday celebrations and heated political discussions?

By being engaging.

Our strategy lies in publishing only the most highly visual and engaging brand-relevant content which generates an inherent emotional response that not only compels guests to interact, but also builds excitement over planning future trips.

It's the physical feeling of..

seeing a stunning image of a favorite place, and the memories that come flooding in with it...

the happiness of re-living best moments with best friends over photos and video...

the excitement of seeing someone win a life-changing six-figure jackpot, and daydreaming about what that would be like...

the pride in seeing your favorite celebrities killing it on stage or visiting the same restaurants that you know and love...

Images that cross the boundary through the screen to incite an emotion become engaging pieces of content that are the foundation for Mohegan Sun's Facebook strategy.

We are building a community on Facebook where visitors connect, interact, discover and re-live shared experiences, while building excitement over the experiences they look forward to having in the future.

By focusing on insights and analytics, Mohegan Sun strives to publish only the content that is most motivating to our fan base, encouraging an authentic audience grown steadily over time and providing stronger and longer lasting connections with our guests.


Mohegan Sun's Facebook page allows guests the ability to interact over their experiences and conveys the genuine feeling of being on the expansive property and experiencing the moments that happen within it. In enacting this convent strategy and leveraging Facebook for distribution, we saw great results in 2015:

- In a year when most pages of this size were seeing just over 2% organic reach*, Mohegan Sun averaged 31% Daily Organic Reach over the year.

- We grew our total audience (page likes) by 44.5% (nearly 145,000 new likes) in 12 months

- Facebook posts received a total of 793,222 Likes, Comments and Shares. (Average total actions of top Facebook pages in the industry: 470,062.**)

- Mohegan Sun's Facebook page saw an average of 12,539 Engaged Users each day.

- Average page engagement rate was 2.07%, nearly double the average of the top Facebook pages in the industry, who averaged 1.26%.**

- Mohegan Sun's Facebook Page Score (overall health of the page) averaged a score of 72 (of possible 100) as measured by Shareablee. This was a full 10 points higher than the average score of our top competitor pages in the industry (nation-wide), and at many points of the year, the highest score in the industry.**

*Source: Social @Ogilvy

**Source: Shareablee


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Mohegan Sun


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