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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Trolli Weirdly Awesome

Entered in Tumblr Presence

About this entry

The objective was to increase Trolli's brand share of voice in the gummi category and drive demand through a multichannel idea that creates preference, accelerates consumption and builds affinity, all while creating an unmatched Trolli brand experience.

To reach the primary audience of teens ages 13 to 17, Trolli must be a brand that gets them, celebrates this unique time in their lives, strives to be different and has something for them that's fun, unexpected and unpredictable.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

After much deliberation, on how to reach our audience, we landed on a campaign theme of Weirdly Awesome. Weirdly Awesome is a celebration of the absurd, silly, outrageous and random content teens love to consume and share. But it's also mindful of the Trolli brand essence — irreverent gummi hijinks. What better place to execute Weirdly Awesome than the place where Internet memes are born and our audience spends a large chunk of its time online — Tumblr. The audience on Tumblr is composed of 35.5 percent of the 12–17-year-old audience, with a 145 index and an average time spent of 15.8 minutes a week.

GIFs that are humorous, offbeat, weird and awesome come to life on Tumblr for our followers, filling their lives with a daily dose of funny gummies. Whether it's grandma eating her gummi eyebrow, a cat tackling a gummi octopus or the Trolli take on celebrating Back to the Future Day, Tumblr houses ongoing brand content for our followers.


18,288,9991 impressions

+11,079 followers for a total of 73,666 followers

2.14% total engagement rate

4.60% earned engagement rate

390,533 engagements

Endless LOLs and WTFs


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Periscope, Ferrara Candy Company


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