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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Ryan Adams

Nominated in Musician

About Ryan Adams

Former member of Whiskeytown and The Cardinals, Ryan Adams became a household name with his solo career. His sound mixes country and alternative rock, which he’s lent to Willie Nelson, Jenny Lewis, Weezer, and Norah Jones, all while recording 15 studio albums, earning five Grammy nominations. He’s known for giving other artists their due credit. In 2015, he covered Taylor Swift’s record-breaking 1989 album, causing major social buzz, but also threw previously unknown artist Christopher the Conquered into the spotlight by tweeting his love for Christopher’s unreleased album I’m giving Up on Rock & Roll. A good samaritan of sorts, he tweets from @TheRyanAdams.

Ryan Adams's best work on social

https://twitter.com/TheRyanAdams/status/631653892451766272 https://twitter.com/TheRyanAdams/status/630276412327354368 https://twitter.com/TheRyanAdams/status/629531035307388932 https://twitter.com/TheRyanAdams/status/630305994841526272 https://twitter.com/TheRyanAdams/status/634166806446411776