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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

The Professionals Collection

Finalist in Fashion, Beauty & Luxury



Sweat suits are incredibly comfortable, but most people only wear them inside the house, because they also make you look lazy and slovenly.

So, leading up to the cold winter season, we needed to make Fruit of the Loom's offering of sweat suits more appealing, and make sure Fruit of the Loom was top of mind during prime sweat-suit season. We also wanted to attract a younger audience for this aging American brand.

That's why we created a product innovation that would make Fruit of the Loom's sweat suits a vision of success and professionalism. How? By sublimating photo-realistic images of haute-couture fashion onto our sweatshirts and sweat pants.

We wanted people to be proud to wear sweat suits, anywhere, and everywhere! So we invented a collection of sweat suits for our client, Fruit of the Loom, that is so debonair, it could only be called the Professionals Collection.

Strategy and Execution

We created content around the Professionals Collection sweat "suits" and shared with our targeted audience over a four-day social-media ad purge.

With a small media budget, we wanted to be heavily targeted with our communications. So we created four videos and a collection of high-fashion stills. Then we spent four straight days in a room, targeting different pockets of millennials on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We encouraged anyone who interacted with our content to get involved in the conversation with an actionable hashtag, #NeedThisSweatsuit. For instance, "If you haven't had a date in 6 months, you just might #NeedThisSweatsuit. Where would you debut it?"

In the end, we rewarded the most deserving social-media fans with personalized suit deliveries, ensuring that they'd be able to "Get Comfortable with Success" during the holidays and beyond.


This 4-day social campaign resulted in over 89 million impressions, a 100% positive sentiment, 4,000+ social engagements, and 1,800+ mentions of Fruit of the Loom, the Professionals Collection, and its associated hashtag. But more importantly, it had a younger audience thinking Fruit of the Loom was cool for the first. time. ever. Oh, and the Old Spice guy wore one. And some guy recorded, like, 20 minutes of Thanksgiving with his family, as he wore his Professionals Collection sweat suit all day. He uploaded it to YouTube. It was awesome. He even did a backflip on a trampoline. Talkin' about a grown man, here.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

CP+B, Fruit of the Loom