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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Sauza 2015 : Summer Refresh

Entered in Wine, Beer & Spirits


Our objective was to use new media to give a classic Tequila brand a fresh new taste.

It started in summer 2015. It was a simpler time really. For America, but also for tequila. You see, back then, you knew your tequila brand. You knew how it looked. How it acted. And most importantly, you knew what you were supposed to do with it.

It was out this era of tequila innocence (tequilacence, if you will) that Sauza stepped forward with a bold new look, a bold and contemporary new voice, and some bold new content to inspire a new generation of men and women to not just enjoy Sauza Tequila in different ways, but to make it the tequila for all of their margaritas. Bold.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy, like all great strategies, could be summed up in 14 simple words –give margarita lovers a new reason to fall in love with Sauza every day. In other words, sharing the love in order to get some in return. How? By creating cross-platform content series on "the right way to margarita." With our new bottle design always as the focal point, these series challenged fans to see margaritas from different angles, quite literally, with a refreshing new visual identity.

If social media is a modern window to our souls, then we poured ours out every day, confessing and expressing our love for the margarita and its followers with visual content series like:

"Behind The Bottle,' a collection of videos and GIFS that brought people closer to the intricate and artisanal production process behind the new bottle.

"That First Sip" then takes fans from behind the scenes to right in front of the action. Inspired by the popular #FromWhereIStand Instagram meme, this unique first person POV photography style gave fans a taste of what a better margarita offers by offering better views of our favorite cocktail.

We then took our focus from in front of camera to directly under the microscope with stop-motion animation to show how easy these beautiful cocktails are to make at home using everyday ingredients.

On Facebook, we took a more optimistic outlook on Mondays to celebrate life's little victories with the hashtag, #MargaritaMonday. From a job promotion or finding $20 in a pair of jeans, Sauza Tequila was there to commemorate the occasion.

While on Pinterest, we took advantage of the platform's unique layout to create visually stunning margarita recipes, and illustrate the step-by-step nature of recipes with bold and easy to understand iconography and copy.

To close out the year, we looked at margaritas through a more Mexican lens with a Dia de los Muertos fiesta that lent its unique visual style to our various content series. All our content was updated to celebrate this special night with a blow out Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta, garnering some of our most engaging content across all platforms.

To sum up Sauza's 2015 as anything short of bold would be like making a margarita without, well, us – missing the point, and/or party. This total digital effort cast new light on the brand with fans quite literally seeing us differently, all while encouraging them to experience Sauza in more ways than ever before.



IG: We've grown from under 1,139 followers in July to 7,858 in December - that's a 459% increase! Since July, our Average Engagement Per post has grown from 73 to 97 (33% increase). And in the same period our Total Monthly Engagements has grown from 804 to 1244 (55% increase).

FB: Our monthly Average Engagement Rate has gone from 3.66% to 5.83% in the period from July to Dec, a 59% increase and monthly Average Impressions has gone from 2,241,740 (Feb-Jul) to 6,974,143 (Aug - Dec) = 211% increase.

TW: On Twitter, our monthly Average Engagement Rate (Feb – July) has gone from 3.13% to 5.36% (Aug – Dec) = 71% increase. Monthly Average Impressions has gone from 376,580 (Feb-Jul) to 590,355 (Aug - Dec) = 57% increase.


IG: We had over 23 million impressions, 2 Million actions, 1.6 Million video views - all with an engagement rate of 8.6% and a video completion rate of 22%.

FB: We had over 45 million impressions, 4.2 Million actions, 3.8 Million video views, all with an engagement rate of 9.2% and a video completion rate of 31.7%.

TW: We had over 7.8 million impressions.

But most importantly, our fans loved our content…


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the community, Sauza Tequila


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