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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Qantas Best in Travel

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About this entry

At Qantas, we want our social media channels to reflect who we are—a beloved brand of the Australian people and an innovative brand with a unique social voice. We always want our followers to be wondering what we'll do next, and our passion for innovation is constantly pushing the boundaries of what being a brand on social media can mean. Our social media channels exist to push the goals of the Qantas group forward, to create positive narratives for the brand, and to push into new markets. At Qantas, we want to continue to be at the forefront of corporate social media, and will constantly be looking forward to new and exciting endeavours. In 2015 we showed just that.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Our #FeelsLikeHome Instameet (see entry) is the perfect example of how we are continuing to grow in our concept of social media, and how we strive to create beautiful and engaging content that is reflective of Qantas and the country we call home. The nationwide instameet showed our ability to plan and execute large scale campaigns, and to connect with our home country and the people in it, gaining followers and broadening our brand in the process. Our remarkably successful #AirlineWager (see entry) shows how we use social media in fun and quirky ways, and in ways that social media users everywhere can appreciate and engage with. Finally, our use of emerging platform Periscope (see entry) shows how we continue to look for what we can do next, and how we can use old and new platforms to send our message as a brand. Our team is constantly thinking of the next technology that we can use to further our platforms.

In 2015, we also pushed into new markets through our social media, geotargeted posts each day to our main international hubs like Los Angeles, Santiago, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Johannesburg. We posted sale fares, travel tips, and inspiration posts which we found generated revenue even in those hubs with small social audiences. We also posted UGC Instagram posts of our hubs, like #fromtheplanewindow photos of the beautiful Santiago mountains, or our A380 landing into Dallas.

We believe that Qantas social media is the best in the business, with diverse content, inventive ideas, and the passion for innovation and pushing the boundaries of what being a brand on social media can mean. We proved our innovation, expertise, and ability in 2015, and have plans to do it even better in 2016.


During 2015, we reached a number of our original goals and have grown immensely in all of our social channels.

As part of our initiative of innovation, we completed a number of projects, such as our nine-day Instameet series (see entry), timelapse videos of aircraft getting makeovers, GoPro footage of our aircraft landing into San Francisco, all while planning far ahead into 2016 innovative ideas, like the very first TEDx Talk in the sky, happening this month.

We also reached our goal of pushing into new markets through social media. In December we raised over $6,000 from our San Francisco sale, over $5,000 from our Dallas Travel Tips, and over $4,000 on our Japanese Christmas sale. We've found that geotargeting our social media is extremely beneficial and this will be a focus in 2016.

Qantas has also joined new platforms in 2015, namely Periscope (see entry), where we've given our viewers a behind-the-scenes look at Qantas and tours of beautiful Australia.

Possibly our most valuable result has been that Qantas has dominated the share of voice on Twitter among airlines. Based on tweets in Australia, Qantas had 64.6% of all mentions among airlines. It's clear that Qantas is by far the most relevant airline brand on social media in Australia.


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Qantas Airways