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Project Rebirth

Finalist in Business to Business


Ryder is the largest fleet management and supply chain company in North America. And one of the biggest selling points for leasing with Ryder is access to their technicians. The maintenance offering at Ryder is second to none. And with more than 400 shops across the country, there's always a tech nearby. But for more than 80 years, that best-in-class service has only been available to those driving a Ryder truck.

Until now. Our assignment was to announce to fleet managers and owner-operators that Ryder's technicians are now available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. You can now have Ryder's famed maintenance offering, even if you aren't behind the wheel of a Ryder truck.

Strategy and Execution

What better way to announce the availability of the world's best technicians than to show them off?

When it comes to fleet vehicle maintenance, most decision-makers spend a lot of time looking for vendors, tips, shops, and insights online. We needed to create a piece of content that would be engaging, shareable, and make some noise in an incredibly quiet corner of this marketplace.

So we decided to kill off a truck in the most visually-stunning, over-the-top way and then bring it back to life in the kind of way only Ryder could. We partnered with one of the film industry's leading vehicle-stunt production companies and build a gauntlet that would destroy every integral aspect of Volvo's latest and greatest truck. Once it was dead, we towed it into a Ryder facility, put a team of technicians on the clock, and got to work bringing the truck back to life. We filmed them in real-time as they worked to make this incredibly complex—and incredibly ruined—piece of machinery roadworthy again.

The logic was simple: If we can fix this truck, we can fix any truck.


The campaign extended into our social media pages, where we posted teaser photos and videos. From the wreckage rose incredible results. In just two weeks, we saw over 6.5MM paid media views, 313,000+ organic YouTube views and over 10,095 visitors to the site. Specifically among the fleet audience, we had a 71% completion rate, a 263% increase over the industry average of 27%. The campaign even received coverage as far as Germany's automotive enthusiast magazine Autozeitung. And best of all for Ryder, the entire campaign delivered at an efficient $0.03 CPV, proving that sometimes, the best way to get people talking about truck maintenance is to destroy one.


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CP+B Miami , Ryder

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