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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Pretty Little Liars Snapchat Account

Entered in Snapchat


With Snapchat becoming increasingly popular with our target audience, we decided to launch a PLL Snapchat account in order to engage with fans of the series. However, we didn't want to quietly launch the account and wait for fans to find it. We wanted to launch the PLL account by using the platform in a never-been-done-before way that was befitting of the show's status as one of the most social shows on television.

Strategy and Execution

To launch our Snapchat account in January 2015, we did something that no other television network had done before. We premiered the first three minutes of the highly anticipated winter premiere exclusively on Snapchat the morning before the episode premiered on air. We released the content in 30 individual :10 snaps over a three hour time period. This exclusive content reveal generated tons of fan excitement & #PLLonSnapchat started trending on Twitter as soon as we released the first snap. As a result, we gained over 400,000 friends within the first 48 hours of creating the account!

But we didn't stop there. We continue to leverage the Snapchat platform to drive excitement around new episodes of PLL. We developed a content strategy for our account that is completely unique to Snapchat & organic to the ways in which users engage with the platform. On a weekly basis, we partner with Snapchat artists & influencers to post real-time reaction to our episodes as they air. We leverage functions of Snapchat such as the drawing tool to create fun and engaging content for our fans that takes episodic content and adds a playful twist.


Our PLL Snapchat account has been a huge success. In less than a year, we grew to 1.6MM friends, making us the largest entertainment brand on the platform.

Our engagement levels are extremely high, providing us with a highly effective method of engaging with our fans. We've generated the following engagements in just one year:

-542 million total snap views

-1.7 million snap screenshots

-3.2 billion total seconds of snap views


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Freeform, Naritiv

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