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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Planet Money

Nominated in Podcast

About Planet Money

No one ever likes to talk about money, which is why Planet Money made talking about money fun for its NPR listeners. This bi-weekly podcast teaches its listeners about what’s going on with the economy and contributes stories to other NPR shows. Featuring anyone from baller millionaires to those who study the economy for a living, and everyday people who want a better understanding of the economic world around them, guests illuminate the mysterious world of money. In 2015, they discussed the stable price of Coke, Frank Sinatra’s valuable image, and what happens if salaries aren’t secret.

Planet Money's best work on social

https://twitter.com/planetmoney/status/563442488573456384 https://twitter.com/planetmoney/status/581813043530764288 https://twitter.com/planetmoney/status/583407350326943744 https://twitter.com/planetmoney/status/600394244881313792 https://twitter.com/planetmoney/status/584776529101598720