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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Paulo Coelho

Nominated in Author

About Paulo Coelho

A writer and a self-admitted “deleter of tweets," Paulo Coelho is a globally recognized author and lyricist from Brazil. His philosophical novel The Alchemist is one of the bestselling books in history, translated into 67 different languages. Paulo is also the most-followed writer on social media, but still manages to handle his accounts on his own. In 2015, he defended the Qu’ran, published the entirety of The Alchemist on bus shelters in fine print, and watched as Idris Elba was cast in the adaptation of his novel. When he’s not tweeting or posting to Facebook, he’s writing a new book almost every two years.

Paulo Coelho's best work on social

https://twitter.com/paulocoelho/status/660095267992150016 https://twitter.com/paulocoelho/status/629467830711414785 https://twitter.com/paulocoelho/status/641583559338258432 https://twitter.com/paulocoelho/status/648505128358707200 https://twitter.com/paulocoelho/status/630021100412473344