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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Now Hiring with Michelle Wolf

Entered in Snapchat


Itchy buttholes. Workplace harassment. Chest zits. All are uncomfortable, but none hold a candle to Now Hiring, the marvelously awkward office comedy created by and starring Michelle Wolf that features all three of those things (in addition to a slew of other unpleasantries). Created specifically for Snapchat Discover, Now Hiring was designed both to showcase the undeniable talent of its up-and-coming star and to make the most of a new and exciting platform for Comedy Central originals.

Strategy and Execution

We knew that Comedy Central's audience on Snapchat Discover would take to Wolf's immediate weirdness without much prompting, so we went all in when it came to releasing her workplace nightmare upon the world. Since the season was five episodes long, each episode took place on -- and was titled using -- a day of the workweek from Monday to Friday, creating the illusion that the series was taking place in real time. The in-the-moment feel of the show was amplified further by the fact that it was shot in vertical mode, lending every cringe-inducing stare and remark a claustrophobic intimacy. In other words, from its inception to its distribution, Now Hiring was a gamble on our audience's craving for the irrepressibly awkward.


As we expected they would, Snapchatters loved Michelle… or loved to hate her… or just hated themselves? Whatever it was, it worked, and the series earned almost 600,000 views over the course of the week, proving that content created for Snapchat can attract an audience even if the episodes vanish after 24 hours. In fact, on average, users spent more time per snap on Now Hiring than on any other CC original so far. It was a win for everyone -- except, of course, for those poor souls who had to be in a job interview with Michelle.


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Comedy Central

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