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Finalist in Podcast

About Nerdist

Nerdist is a weekly podcast hosted by resident nerd Chris Hardwick and his two friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Each week, the trio discusses a nerdy topic of their choosing and are accompanied by a different famous guest including the likes of Justin Theroux, Bill Burr, and Quentin Tarintino. Chris made social media news in his nerd community when he changed the handles on his personal accounts to @hardwick in order to separate himself from the @nerdist brand. Fans took to Reddit to discuss the change offering up varying opinions, causing “The Old Name Switcheroo" to trend. A bit of a revenge of the nerds situation, one might say.

Nerdist's best work on social

https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/681304148990652416 https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/659756374360887296 https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/665331641951236098 https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/652608245660409857 https://twitter.com/nerdist/status/674627223043772416