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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

MSNBC's Global Citizen Festival Snap Challenge

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Most people don't hear the words "global poverty" and assume it's a challenge they can tackle. In 2015, MSNBC partnered with the Global Poverty Project to amplify the message that small actions can lead to big change. Through an emphasis on digital communication, events, and distribution, the effort was met with the loudest call yet from Global Citizens around the world to end extreme poverty by 2030.

MSNBC showcased stories and calls to action through a multi-platform approach, concluding with the live broadcast and online streaming of the festival on September 26th. More than 60 pieces of digital content were published to including 22 web only originals.

To be a part of the movement, you need to be a part of the story. The MSNBC Snap Challenge, invited participants to follow a Snapchat story and complete a hunt to earn concert tickets across NYC locations related to clean water access, the environment, and educational resources.

The objectives of the MSNBC/Global Citizen Snap Challenge were to:

Strategy and Execution

In the weeks preceding the day of the Snap Challenge, MSNBC used social and digital channels to encourage those interested in the Global Citizen Festival to follow MSNBC on Snapchat for details about a chance to win Global Citizen Festival tickets.


On the day of the challenge, August 17, 2015, we launched the Snapchat challenge by posting a multi-part Story to our Snapchat account. In the story, we released 6 clues to our followers throughout the day, each an hour apart, that sent challenge participants around New York City in a scavenger hunt in order to be eligible to win tickets.

The 6 clues were related to the themes of the Global Citizen Festival, and each required participants in the challenge to solve the clue, then snap a photo at that location (the locations were all around New York City) and add it to their Snapchat story. Once participants had completed all 6 clues, they were instructed to meet us at the NBC Experience Store at Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan, and the first five in line who had completed the entire challenge would each win a pair of tickets to the Global Citizen Festival.

Watch the full challenge Snap story:


The Snapchat story on the day of the challenge had over 18,000 collective views, and had a 58% completion rate.

The Snapchat account received a 31% increase in total followers during the week of the challenge.

Fans were thrilled to have the opportunity to win tickets, and dozens of fans fully completed the challenge and lined up at the NBC Experience store for the opportunity to win.



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