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Special Project

Special Project
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Hasbro, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the World's Best Play Experiences through its vast portfolio of brands, including MONOPOLY, MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, TRANSFORMERS and PLAY-DOH. At the core of every brand is storytelling, giving consumers a platform to engage with that doesn't start or end with toy. Our objective is to connect our brands' stories with consumers in an authentic, relevant way.

Strategy and Execution

Across our brands, Hasbro creates micro-moments to connect with our fans in an emotional and engaging way.

Born on a kitchen table in 1935, MONOPOLY has seen it all- from economic struggles, a world war, and every season of Happy Days, The Simpsons and The Real World. For the brand's 80th anniversary, MONOPOLY teamed up with BuzzFeed to create a fan-powered campaign that brought the MONOPOLY Here & Now Edition game to life. Fans from 182 countries showed their support by casting 4M votes for their favorite cities worldwide to be featured as property spaces in the U.S. and World Editions of the game. Fans were encouraged to vote through a series of posts and the results were unveiled to our Facebook community.

The Transformers page has been the hub for both casual and hardcore fans of the brand by taking iconic characters from everyone's childhood and putting them in everyday pop culture moments. In 2015, fans were invited to help create a brand new character (to hit retail shelves in 2016). The Fan-Built Combiner vote allowed fans to select everything from the types of vehicles involved, to whether the character would be an AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON, and even name the new character.

Nerf Nation fans are all about the blasters, and on Facebook we give fans a peek into what goes on "behind the blaster" and share their passion and enthusiasm by curating UGC. Nerf collaborated with Dude Perfect (the #1 sports channel on YouTube) to showcase the Dudes achieving wild trick shots with our blasters, as well as to rally Nerf Nation to submit their own trick shot videos via the "Show us your Nerf Perfect" campaign. In August, the customizable Modulus blaster system was unveiled after months long teasing of Modulus "Easter eggs" being hidden in Nerf posts. The #StockpileSaturday series has also given fans some serious bragging rights when it comes to showing off their extensive Nerf collections in the comments section.

The Play-Doh brand has brought creativity and fun to fans for 60 years, inspiring both kids and adults to use their imaginations for limitless, hands-on creative play. Play-Doh compound was used to cut, squish, and mold colorful sculptures of top trending pop culture m oments, such as Left Shark, Pizza Rat, and "The Dress," much to the delight of our fans. Play-Doh enthusiasts also celebrated the global love for the brand during the first ever World Play-Doh Day by creating over 1.6M sculpts and representing 79 countries.

My Little Pony has brought fun, friendship & joy to millions of kids of all ages around the globe since 1983. The brand's content is rooted in entertainment, featuring scenes from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with the core cast of ponies- the "Mane Six"- sharing life's celebrations, big and small, along the way. The fiercely loyal fan base are some of the most engaged amongst all Hasbro brands, interacting with our posts over 5.5M times.


We grew our fan base to 20M global users with 150 Facebook pages across 54 markets. Our posts generated over 300M impressions, resulting in over 15M engagements.

Notable successes include:

-In addition to more than 1,200 global press placements and 1.3B global press impressions generated from the MONOPOLY Here & Now vote, the campaign garnered 7.3M direct engagements with a reach of 827M through BuzzFeed content. In the US, 35 local organizations and eight mayors rallied to get their cities on the game board, contributing to the nearly 4M total votes that were received from 182 countries.

- #TBT video celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Transformers television show received 1.95M organic views and was shared nearly 45k times. It was the top performing post of the week to the TBT hashtag on Facebook in comments and shares.

-Nerf's reveal of new cheese and pretzel flavored "snack darts" was a brief shining moment for snacker and dart connoisseurs alike. Sadly for these fans, this was an April Fools Day gag, but Mashable picked up on the story

-Tapping into one of the most viral stories of the year, the Play-Doh brand's "Dressgate" sculpt reached 2.7M fans organically and garnering over 15k shares, 110k likes, and 7.4k comments.

-My Little Pony's fan base is among the most engaged among all Hasbro brands, and the brand garnered over 5.5M total engagements in 2015.

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