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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards


Finalist in Art

About Halno

A broomstick may not seem the most useful of props outside of Halloween or Harry Potter photography, but Japanese graphic artist Halno utilized the household tool to great effect with his magical man-with-a-broom portrait series, showing @halno seemingly flying through the air all over the world. With the help of his assistant Wacamera, Halno’s been dubbed the “Japanese Harry Potter." His images depict him hovering or flying over the ground in a bamboo forest, a comic book store, a foggy beach, a desolate mountainscape, and elsewhere. While the composition no longer surprises, the locales do, and his 300k Instagram followers appreciate the whimsy.

Halno's best work on social

https://instagram.com/p/1NkOA7pULh/ https://instagram.com/p/3VOFympUAZ/ https://instagram.com/p/y1wPsjJUI2/ https://instagram.com/p/0IFUYEJUKn/ https://instagram.com/p/33mEoQpUCA/