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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Good Tweeting, great eating!

Silver Honor in Online Community


We strive to provide a community for take-out obsessed foodies across the country. We're continuously building our community so that more people can see our delicious content while still lavishing flavorful attention on our existing followers. Our ongoing goals include engaging with new and existing customers through thoughtful content and conversational responses. We also seek to build relationships with influencers whose audiences are a good fit with our brand. Specifically, we wanted to reach over one million 'Likes' on Facebook in 2015 and focus on growing our Instagram audience.

Strategy and Execution


In order to continue fostering our community, we revamped our social aesthetic to align with our broader out-of-home campaign. We determined how to reach our social community through an improved brand voice and accompanying imagery. This involved defining our social personas and tailoring each channel to fit them. We continued to engage our followers by going above and beyond regular customer service and communicating with them on a personal level, remaining one of the only companies to do so. Our customers often declare their love for us on social media and enjoy engaging with our community managers, all of whom embody the target Grubhub consumer. One fan in particular said that she was impressed by how we always respond so fast!


We engaged with influential people and brands such as Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Andy Richter, and Olive Garden. (Unlimited soup, salads and breadsticks FTW!) For example, Jenna Marbles Tweeted about wanting to order soup, and one of her fans told her it was okay to "Grubhub that soup." We responded in kind, and Jenna confirmed that she did in fact Grubhub that soup! We even executed a program that involved sending influencer kits to existing fans and non-converts alike. This package included foodie-related items that looked darn good on social media.


We also launched several social ad campaigns targeted towards getting 'Likes' and new followers in order to reach foodies who weren't aware of our social presence. We weren't just casting a wide net; we strategically targeted potential followers whose interests most aligned with ours. We wanted everyone to revel in the awesomeness that is a hearty salad or a unique grilled cheese!


Community Growth

We doubled in size across all platforms. As a result, our reach and mentions were more than three times that of the previous year. Furthermore, 95 percent of our replies on Twitter occurred within a half hour, and 82 percent within 10 minutes. The average response time was 17 minutes. We also exceeded similar goals on all other channels.


We sent out 49 influencer kits, with 40 of those influencers posting about them to a reach of over two million people. The posts spanned Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. One influencer even made an unboxing video!


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