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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Goldman Sachs & Snapchat

Entered in Snapchat


Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities, and investment management firm that provides its employees the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. While Goldman Sachs is a household name in finance, given the growth of technology careers at the firm and the evolving industry landscape, we aimed to highlight the breadth of opportunities available across the firm that do not sit in traditional banking or trading businesses. In order to highlight the career opportunities at Goldman Sachs for students with non-traditional interests and career paths, we knew we had to reach recruits where they are already actively consuming content and information.

Strategy and Execution

In an effort to raise interest and drive recruits to Goldman Sachs' career website, we identified Snapchat 'College Campus Stories' as a new distribution channel to help us reach college students across the US. Snapchat is where our internship and entry-level recruits natively consume information and is one of the biggest platforms to currently reach Gen Z and Millennials. The platform allows for 10-second videos to run within the digital 'story' of primarily user generated content that is uniquely curated at over 60 college campuses nationwide.

The story-telling nature of Snapchat provided us with the perfect platform for our campaign creative to show how a career at Goldman Sachs could intersect with a student's diverse skills, educational background, and interests. The videos ended with a CTA to visit the Goldman Sachs career page to learn more about opportunities available across the firm. This campaign turned Goldman Sachs into the first brand to utilize Snapchat for recruiting via 3V ad slots in 'College Campus Stories'.


Though not the original intent, Goldman Sachs became the first brand to leverage Snapchat for recruiting purposes—mainly because of the desire to think beyond our typical means of connecting with and engaging recruits, whom otherwise do not think there are relevant roles for their backgrounds and interests, to consider the firm as an employer of choice. The videos targeted over 60 college campuses in the U.S., ran for 9 days, and accrued over 2.1 million views during the campaign flight. Additionally, in the 9 days during the campaign, Goldman Sachs saw a significant increase in traffic to the Careers website: users from organic search +82%, and +11% increase in overall visits.

Press coverage ranged from BuzzFeed and Business Insider to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, and applauded the ads as innovative and groundbreaking, calling them a "major leap for the firm."


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The Media Kitchen, Goldman Sachs


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