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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Degree Women #DanceBreak

Entered in Twitter


We're a deodorant brand, so it's probably fairly obvious that we care about movement, right? Move more, sweat more, need more deodorant. But we don't just care about movement; we're activated by it. We're inspired by it. So we wanted to find the perfect time and place to share our passion with our millennial target and help launch Dry Spray.

Our GRAMMYS partnership gave us the time, and Twitter, the place.

Strategy and Execution

Suffice to say, THE GRAMMYS is one of the most talked about TV moments on Twitter…ever. And if there's nothing we love more than watching The GRAMMYS, it's watching what everyone has to say about THE GRAMMYS.

But the challenge was how to break through. Let's face it, no one wants to hear from or talk about deodorant when there's red carpet fashion and unforgettable performances to be praised (and often) criticized.

Long story short, we did a ton of social listening on Twitter, and noticed a lot of people who watch music award and dance shows were so jazzed about the performances that they wouldn't just tweet about it, they'd reenact it.

No seriously, this is real life: people turned their living rooms into dance parties during commercials breaks, did their best Queen Bey impersonation, the whole nine. THIS was our window of opportunity. The perfect intersection of movement and technology.

So, we enlisted the dance creds of Kat Graham, one of TV's most adored triple-threats, and turned our Twitter handle into a real-time virtual dance party. We created a series of short videos and GIFS of Kat taking #DanceBreaks during the commericals, which were inspired by the most popular GRAMMY performances, and encouraged her fans to do the same.

Shocker, we took #DanceBreak to another level. We created and published in-show reaction GIFs in real time to fans that commented about the show.

But the fans…they wanted more! We obliged. We enlisted twelve prominent dance influencers, including Megan Batoon, Chachi Gonzales and Amy- Marie Gaertner, to share their own #DanceBreak videos on Vine and Twitter. We even had superstar Kelly Rowland tease #DanceBreak and encouraged fans to participate.


The results put a little pep in our step to say the least. Get this:

Not to humble brag but we also got a great mention from AdWeek editor Tony Case, who said, "If only the #GRAMMYS show were this entertaining".


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Weber Shandwick, Mindshare, Unilever