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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Coors Light Vines – Promoting the ‘Subzer-O°Adventures’ On-Pack promotion

Entered in Food & Beverage

About this entry

Business objective – to drive awareness amongst our Social Explorer target audience of the Coors Light on-pack promotion to win a Subzer-O° Adventure (a series of once in a lifetime Damme Cold experiences) of their own, both here in the UK and Europe.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

Role of social:

To promote our on-pack activity and the experiences that could be won in an engaging way to our target audience, via a medium they utilise, and entice them to pick up a pack.


Targeting 18-24 year olds defined by a hunger to experience as much as they can before they reach their 30's.

Solution :

Instead of featuring people doing the Subzer-O° Adventures, we put the Coors Light bottle as the hero of four stop animation looping Vine videos. The bottle had a brilliant time participating in some of the most exciting of the Subzer-O° Adventures. The videos were shared on Coors Light's Twitter channel. The films were the hero amongst a steady stream of reminders and information about what Subzer-O° Adventures could be won. This was done to help entice our social explorer target audience.


We created a miniature wintery world in our in-house studio, built to scale, to make the Coors Light bottle seem the size of a person. Working with Vine Artist Supa Shakes, we shot four stop-frame animation videos. All production and post-production was done in-house.

Why it was right:

Short form video is a popular format with our audience

Twitter / Vine indexed highly against this audience

Best practice for channel: Higher value, less frequent content drives reach to our audience

By putting the product in an ice cold environment we helped re-enforce the brand USP around Ice Cold Refreshment. The product was the hero, without feeling forced.


Social KPI – Engagement with Vine content (views /

1.6 million impressions

1.4 million vine loops

78k engagements

4.79 % (Engagement Rate)

6.41% (View rate)


Video for Coors Light Vines – Promoting the ‘Subzer-O°Adventures’ On-Pack promotion

Entrant Company / Organization Name

VCCP Kin ,VCCP Blue, Zenith Optimedia, Coors Light


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