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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Chatterbox for Periscope Chrome Extension

Finalist in Social Media Tool


Chatterbox for Periscope is a Chrome extension for the browser to be used as a companion when live streaming via Periscope. One of the biggest frustrations brands, influencers, and "scopers" experience is that comments in Periscope's native app disappear too fast, making it very hard for the broadcaster to engage with their audience. Chatterbox helps the broadcaster better connect and engage with their audience, increasing interactivity with live polling and a chat archive so they never miss a comment or question during a broadcast.

Strategy and Execution

We created Chatterbox to address one of the biggest issues broadcasters face when live streaming via Periscope: following user comments. This is the reason for Chatterbox at its core.

Our strategy here at GLOW was twofold: 1) To develop a solution to solve a key problem faced when broadcasting, doing AMA's and general streaming, and 2) to add an additional layer of interactivity to increase engagement even further, with live polling.

The main feature of Chatterbox is the Chat Archive. Simply open up Chatterbox while you're streaming, and instead of watching the comments fly by futilely as you try to broadcast, a scrollable feed populates with all that viewers are sharing, and never goes away. This allows the broadcaster to go back and read comments and questions that they might have missed, during or after the broadcast.

Our secondary feature is live polling, which allows broadcasters and the audience an additional level of engagement. Broadcasters can conduct polls, and the results will populate and update in real-time as viewers respond with their vote with key-words in the comments.

Both features of Chatterbox for Periscope provide valuable and necessary data to the broadcaster, and create a better and more interactive experience for broadcasters and viewers.


Chatterbox for Periscope has exceeded our expectations, and has become an essential tool for leading broadcasters on the platform.

We've had great success in using the tool for our clients' broadcasts, and the Periscope community and major influencers have shared their great affinity for the extension.

From our launch in November 2015 to the end of the year, Chatterbox for Periscope has recorded over 116,491 sessions from users in 126 countries, and is activated over 1500 times per day.


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