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Casper: Up All Night Long

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Most brands say their customer service team is available during business hours to help with support questions.

Casper isn't most brands. We're the sleep brand. We need go as above and beyond for our customers during typical sleeping hours as much as we do for their waking ones.

Our goal was to provide 24 hour, around the clock, extraordinary service. Being wide awake and enthusiastic for our customers at night and in the early morning is most important, knowing that the most crucial hours to our customers are the ones they spend in bed.

And not only is product support a priority, but we wanted to help our customers with their entire sleep experience — insomnia, unbearable snoring, rough mornings, and hangovers.

Strategy and Execution

Because we know sleep can make or break someone's day and night, we go above and beyond merely providing 24 hour social media customer support. We talk customers through their bouts of insomnia, tweet them lullabies when they get home from a late night of work at 12am, and gift Starbucks cards first thing in the morning to cure groggy Monday blues.

What other brand is going to have a long-winded conversation with you at midnight when you can't sleep?


Our customer experience social team is trained as extensively on the Casper products as the product design team. They can answer all questions without consulting a single other soul. They know as much about sleep as expert researchers, and they even use the internet to interpret dreams.


Our social media team works tirelessly from sunrise until the wee hours of the morning to ensure that there isn't a single person across time zones who might still be restlessly awake

Beyond responding to every @casper mention, we use social listening tools to monitor what our customers are regularly tweeting. We know our mattress helps them sleep, but it's not the only factor that affects it.

When our customers tweet that they are wide awake at 2am stressing about work, we tweet them a bedtime story about their boss. When they can't sleep because their apartment is cold, we overnight a space heater. When they have trouble waking up on Monday morning, we tweet them a gift card for coffee.

We entertain late-night insomniacs who can't put their phone down with linksomnia bedtime reading. Once you hit the end of your newsfeed at 2am, you can always turn to @casper for a stream of interesting articles night after night.


During December's flurry of gift giving and gingerbread cookies, the holiday party hangover often gets ignored. We believe there is no greater injustice than having to show up at work on time the morning after your company holiday party. Since working from bed isn't an option, Casper delivered coffee, breakfast, sunglasses (to block excruciating florescent office lighting), and most importantly, a Casper bed to offices in NYC where we discovered there were sleepless, hungover employees through social listening and Twitter requests.


The week before Valentine's Day, we gave gifts to everyone we sleep with. We made sure it was the day of their dreams by listening to their requests on Twitter. If they didn't want to resort to dinner in bed, we sent them a dinner reservation. If they wanted a beer as nightcap, we sent them a beer helmet.


On average, we answer 90% of customer experience inbound messages in 15 seconds or less — no matter the time of day. 3am? Bring it.

Our humorous spin on Valentine's Day Twitter gifting was commended by the Wall Street Journal. "Casper has a fun, tailored social-media strategy that includes posts of sleep-related articles, responding directly to customers — even gifting bottles of Champagne and a beer helmet as a Valentine's Day promotion."

The New York Times has called our Twitter handle "sassy" — acknowledging our approach to giving genuine and real responses to customer inquiries.

Each day, we see social media influencers, customers, reporters, and potential buyers commend our fast and witty responses to their tweets and ability to channel their innermost thoughts in 140 characters.

Our customers send feedback to our support team claiming it was @casper's lightening fast response times and ability to make sleep on a Casper feel exciting that gave them the final push they needed to hit the order button.


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