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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Baby's names

Nominated in Weird

About Baby's names

Twitter feed Baby’s Names is exactly what you think, but exaggerated to the highest degree. With an innocuous, child-friendly design, the feed and its corresponding Facebook page give out a new and terrible possible baby name nearly every day, including, “Coroner’s Oatmeal, “Mucus Clues," “War Rat," “Sword Throat," and simply “Bread." The feed is clearly in backlash to the often ridiculous names celebrities and hipsters might give their kids, but it’s still a little unclear whether there’s a word generator twitterbot helping out or an actual human being managing to think up “Djender Gneutral."

Baby's names's best work on social

https://twitter.com/Babysnames/status/599282643692351489 https://twitter.com/Babysnames/status/601784798756089856 https://twitter.com/Babysnames/status/642148878809067520 https://twitter.com/Babysnames/status/609922279728881664 https://twitter.com/Babysnames/status/624248266079764480