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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Annie Murphy Paul

Nominated in Education

About Annie Murphy Paul

In her book, Brilliant: The New Science of Smart, Annie Murphy Paul set a new standard for the study of learning. As a science reporter and author, a blogger for Time and CNN, and a contributor for The New York Times Magazine, Annie’s called upon for her knowledge of personality and child development. When she’s not giving TED Talks on the science of learning and intelligence, she’s writing books like The Cult of Personality (an exposé on the cultural bias of personality tests) and Origins (a study of pre-birth learning). Her personal blog, The Brilliant Blog, goes even deeper into these subjects with regular posts and a newsletter.

Annie Murphy Paul's best work on social

https://twitter.com/anniemurphypaul/status/634823619437314048 https://twitter.com/anniemurphypaul/status/655116470125400065 https://twitter.com/anniemurphypaul/status/635161553793323008 https://twitter.com/anniemurphypaul/status/598172961179365379 https://twitter.com/anniemurphypaul/status/598186222293385216