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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

Jon Winokur

Nominated in Author

About Jon Winokur

Every writer needs to learn from writers before him, so Jon Winokur offers some advice to writers, from other writers, through his own writing. WIth over 20 publications like The Traveling Curmudgeon and The Big Book of Irony, Jon’s steadily built a satirical tone all his own, one that both values the writing and pokes fun at its self-importance. He tweets little bouts of wisdom he’s gleaned over the years from his @AdviceToWriters account and posts an interview with an author every week on AdviceToWriters.com. His might be the only Twitter account that would be approved by your English teacher.

Jon Winokur's best work on social

https://twitter.com/AdviceToWriters/status/655216696089702400 https://twitter.com/AdviceToWriters/status/651683404128219137 https://twitter.com/AdviceToWriters/status/653585957082370049 https://twitter.com/AdviceToWriters/status/648905099087970304