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Special Project

Special Project
From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Strengthening Employer Brand to Win War for Talent

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A fierce battle exists today among tech companies to secure top tech talent in the industry. However, these sought-after individuals are not solely driven by monetary rewards. They yearn to channel their expertise with an organization where they can work towards tackling the world's most pressing issues. They wish to be engaged with purpose-led work and experience accelerated growth.

Additionally, the tech talent today seeks to work with colleagues/mentors with similar ambition and goals.

For this, at KPIT, we wanted to use our social media channels & digital presence to create excitement among this talent group about the world of mobility, address their top questions & concerns about technology that is driving innovation in mobility.

In order to achieve this, we aimed at implementing the following:

With the above set of business objectives, we wanted to create a campaign that would:

With the above set of objectives, we went to on to execute a new approach to our digital media presence.

Strategy and Execution

Despite already amassing a 260K followers on LinkedIn, we were determined to catapult our reach much more and forge deeper connections with the following target audience: 
•    Tech talent with skills in Automotive Software
•    Tech talent across verticals who look for purpose-led work.
•    A global audience between the age group of 22-40 years who are mostly from an engineering stream.
•    Candidates who have applied to KPIT.
•    Candidates who aspire to join at KPIT and wish to know more about the organisation.
•    Candidates who are at the fence of being associated with KPIT.
•    Candidates who have been offered a role at KPIT. 
•    Employees at KPIT 
By closely tying our business objectives and content consumption of our target audience, we implemented the following social media/digital campaigns. 

Following is a summary of each:

1. Mobility Explainers: These are bite-sized content produced in various formats Reels & carousels, explaining the most complex topics from the world of mobility technology, broken down in an easy-to-understand manner.  

2. Mobility Roundups: This is a newsletter published bi-weekly on LinkedIn, enlisting the most trending and out-of-the box innovation and discoveries happening in the world of mobility technology. The collection of stories here is global in scope, just a 5-minute read and written in the most social-media friendly language for easy consumption of a global audience.

3. Tech Case studies: A special series that highlights some of the most interesting projects that KPITians have worked on that is transforming mobility to become cleaner, smarter and safer.

4. Thought leadership: This covers thought-provoking bite-sized content in which KPIT experts and leaders talk about the latest trends in the industry, answering the most asked questions on the internet.

5. KPIT Spotlight: A content series recognising KPITians from around the world who share the cutting-edge technology they work on, the latest projects they are managing and celebrating their unique story with KPIT.

6. Life at KPIT: A series that covers KPITians from around the world, where they share why they think KPIT is the Best Place to Grow, what are the day-to-day tasks they get to work on & their passion for mobility technology.

7. Faces of KPIT: A special series dedicated to featuring stories of KPITians and who have achieved something extraordinary and inspiring - or something motivating that they do beyond their work at KPIT.

8. Soft skills: An exclusive content series in which KPIT experts like senior recruiters, delivery managers or business heads share some of their tips on how tech talent can develop their soft skills to crack tech interviews or develop their inter-personal relationships with team members, managers & become brighter professionals.

9. WhatsApp Digest: A weekly update sent to over 2000+ offered candidates about the latest updates from KPIT, recent events, and even some interesting facts on KPIT, the organization's history, the green campus & more!

10. Talent webinars: A webinar held periodically in which candidates get the chance to listen to stories of KPIT leaders and experts. The webinar also allows them to ask questions to the experts and interact with them!

Each of these has been conceptualized keeping in mind the business objectives and the content that our target audience wants to consume. Each of these programs address specific objectives as mentioned and ensure that every category of our target audience can connect better with KPIT through the purpose-led storytelling techniques applied to each of the programs for the candidates to consider a career at KPIT.


The activities we have been conducting on our social media channels/owned digital platforms have helped achieve is the following [based on each of the programs being run]:

  1. Across several channels, we have witnessed over 2K+ views, 100+ reshares and saves of only the six mobility explainers and four mobility roundups editions launched.

2. Culture stories like Life at KPIT, KPIT Spotlight & Faces of KPIT have led to colleagues commenting, resharing and discovering more about each other. Additionally, over 100K+ impressions, have been achieved in just 3 weeks of regular culture led stories being published.

3. The programs run by us have led to over 1000+ unprompted mentions of KPIT across social media channels.

4. Over 120+ new joiners have taken to social media to use the customized and branded social content provided them during the onboarding process - to use as an announcement of them joining KPIT. This had led to more people within their network who are from an engineering stream, discovering about KPIT and encouraging them to aspire to join KPIT.

5. Over 1300 candidates have joined the Webinars held regularly and have interacted with KPIT leaders and experts, even before joining KPIT.

6. Our digital initiatives have also led to over 1000+ reviews being left by new joiners at KPIT and other employees at KPIT sharing their reviews about KPIT on job boards like Glassdoors.

As opposed to regular metrics to measure the success of our strategies, we decided to look at the impact from a different perspective:

1. We have observed both aspiring candidates and experts starting a conversation every time we release the mobility roundups newsletter on LinkedIn. People are engaging and sharing their love for mobility.

2. Within 3 editions of Mobility Roundups, our newsletter on LinkedIn, we witnessed a 100K subscriber growth from 0.

3. Over 4.8M brand impressions since the start of the campaign.

4. An engagement rate of 15% on LinkedIn.

5. Life at KPIT stories are encouraging aspiring candidates to look forward to their application at KPIT. Candidates have been seen commenting and reaching out to us sharing their excitement to join KPIT.

6. Culture related stories are further encouraging KPIT colleagues to engage in conversation to connect and interact with another colleague from a different location.

7. Over 100+ unprompted mentions of KPIT by new joiners sharing about their first day at KPIT and announcing their new job at the company.

8. Reviews and feedback left by recipients of What's Up @KPIT (a weekly roundups of the latest updates from KPIT) shows that our readers are having a great experience knowing about what is happening at KPIT.

9. Over 1000+ reviews left by KPITians [both new joiners + old employees] on job boards like Glassdoors, Ambitionbox/Naukri, etc. on their experience working at KPIT.


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