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Shine A Light on Antisemitism

Silver Honor in Call to Action

Bronze Honor in Social Movement Campaign, Integrated Campaign


Antisemitism is at an all time high in over 40 years and 2022 ADL reports have highlighted a 36% surge in incidents targeting Jewish people and communities in the United States. With this global rise in antisemitism, Shine A Light’s mission to spotlight prejudices against the Jewish community is more critical than ever. The purpose-driven platform is continuously dedicated to illuminating the dangers of antisemitism in all its modern forms and effectuating societal change.

The overarching objective was to harness the transformative power of light during Chanukah, the Festival of Lights and the notion that one light can dispel the darkness of hatred. To achieve this, Shine A Light aimed to effect meaningful societal change through education and communal allyship, while raising awareness, promoting resources, and advocating for policy changes to eradicate the influence of antisemitism in society.

Shine A Light aimed to build a united front in spotlighting antisemitism, promoting a brighter future and fostering a society that does not tolerate hate. Campaign objectives were multi-faceted:

1. Education: Reach new regions through partnerships and activations in pilot cities, educate and inform wider and broader communities, and increase accessibility to online resources for workplace partners, communities, individuals and educators.

2. Allyship: Cultivate new partnerships to foster allyships, based on a shared understanding of intersectionality as a collective experience of hatred. 

3. Awareness: Amplify the message and capture the attention of influential public figures and organisations by enhancing its social, digital and out-of-home presence. 

4. Advocating Change: Expand outreach efforts to local elected officials across the United States and advocate for the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

Strategy and Execution

Shine A Light's second year witnessed a strategic expansion into new communities, guided by comprehensive demographic research and message testing. This meticulous approach formed the bedrock for the development of Shine A Light 2022's strategy and content, resulting in increased participation across all five engagement pillars: Partnerships, DEI and Workplace, Education, Policy and Media and Communications.

Innovation played a pivotal role in Shine A Light 2022, as the campaign expanded into gaming. Collaborating with Gold Standard Gaming, an esteemed gaming and e-sports agency, Shine A Light on Gaming was launched. This groundbreaking omnichannel campaign opened vital conversations surrounding antisemitism and hate speech within the gaming community. 

Additionally, Shine A Light hosted major partnership city programs and over 120 events across North America including menorah lightings, interfaith gatherings, college campus events, film screenings, and concerts. High profile events attended by over 10K people were held in LA, NYC, and Washington, DC featuring speeches on Shine A Light messaging from elected officials and performances by Nissim Black, Montana Tucker among others. 

The sports community rallied behind Shine A Light, with all major American sports leagues, including MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL, participating in the campaign. Statements of support were released by the NFL and NHL commissioners, while the NBA and NFL engaged at the corporate level, sharing materials with all teams in their leagues. Additionally, 30 professional sports teams, including the LA Kings and Senators, publicly participated in Shine A Light, further amplifying the campaign's message.

Shine A Light 2022 also harnessed the power of social media by generating a single image of light to share across platforms. Prominent celebrities such as Ruby Rose, Judy Gold, and Kerry Washington stood in solidarity by posting the image and taking a firm stance to shine a light on antisemitism and dispel the darkness of hate.

The partner community’s 50% increase in growth was astounding, encompassing over 100 partner organisations. Notably, alliances with Black communities deepened through significant partnerships with the African American Mayors Association and influential media outlets like Word in Black and Amsterdam News.

The impact rippled through the educational landscape, as hundreds of school systems nationwide engaged with Shine A Light curricula.

The campaign's reach extended to the highest levels of government, with elected officials from diverse backgrounds releasing public statements unequivocally condemning antisemitism. 

With a strategy rooted in research, partnerships, innovative approaches, and the support of the sports community and influential figures, Shine A Light served as a beacon of hope, fostering transformative change and unity in the fight against antisemitism.


Shine A Light 2022 demonstrated the campaign's significant impact in combating antisemitism and fostering positive change through all pillars. 

Over 100 partner organisations, including 35 new additions joined the coalition, including, National Black Empowerment Council and Muslim Jewish Advisory Council.

DEI and Workplace:
Corporations in the workplace skyrocketed by 390% year on year, with 280 companies participating, including major players like Google, Unilever and Zoom.

Online education resources grew from 87 to 211 and educator guides were shared with school systems including NYC and LA, the two largest school districts in the country, reaching 1.6 million students.

Policy advancements saw 39 governors take formal action against antisemitism through (IHRA) adoption, proclamations, or official statements.

Partnership city programs occurred in places such as Billings, Montana which achieved over 62 million publication views through USA Today alone. 

Media and Communications:
Social media achieved 67.5 million total impressions, a 425% increase. The gaming sector made an impact with over 422,000 Twitch viewers across 9 influencer streams.

The media campaign generated over 2 billion impressions across national broadcast television, radio, OOH, print, and social.

The PSA achieved broad visibility thanks to over 5 million dollars in donated media, airing on prominent networks including Warner Bros. Discovery, Comcast NBCUniversal, and 10 national Paramount channels, effectively reaching 2 billion impressions, a 490% growth.

Shine A Light 2022 has proven its efficacy in raising awareness, promoting change, and uniting diverse communities in the ongoing efforts to shine a light on antisemitism. The campaign's unwavering commitment to education, advocacy, and partnerships demonstrates its vital role in fostering a brighter, more inclusive future for all.


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