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From the 8th Annual Shorty Impact Awards

Sexy Produce at ShopRite

Entered in On a Shoestring Campaign


At ShopRite we're proud of our produce department and have gone great lengths to ensure it is one of the freshest in the category. But what about the unique items that really set us apart? Those items that our workers have tirelessly researched, discovered, and sourced? Those hidden gems that customers might not know we offer? We needed to drive awareness to the variety and uniqueness of our produce department, too.

Strategy and Execution

We put our hidden gems front and center to really let them shine. Our “Oh Yeah” campaign takes inspiration from “food porn” content seen on Instagram and pushes it even further with a little (read: big) help from voice-over. We wanted to target customers searching for produce in real time, so we used google search and YouTube ads. In each of our videos, we put our unique produce on a pedestal, literally. Shot in our office studio, we leaned hard into the low-budget feel, while also up-ing the ante of typical “food porn” with an over-the-top, deep, gravelly voice-over that sensuously describes each fruit and vegetable’s unique attributes in a way that customers wouldn’t be able to ignore - they'd have to click. We needed to produce And, with little-to-no budget. So we sourced our star produce—picking them up from ShopRite on the day of the shoot—and running them over to our office where we shot them in house.


Our “Oh Yeah” videos generated over 269,000 video views on our ShopRite YouTube Channel with over 60% viewed by Gen Z and Millennials. While our Paid Google Video Ads have over 526,000 impressions and 28,000 conversions, with our Google Local campaign performing 5x over our ShopRite benchmark (5% action vs 1-2%) Overall, we increased unit growth across all banners by +1.5, 50% over the target.


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Wakefern Food Corp.


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